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Sonoma Ecology Center

SEC leads community-driven efforts to address challenges related to water supply and quality, open space, rural character, biodiversity, energy, climate change, and a better quality of life for all residents. Their mission is to work with the community to identify and lead actions that achieve and sustain ecological health in Sonoma Valley and to create measurable benefits in land, water, climate, and biodiversity. They envision a future where—people, land, water, and wildlife —thrive. Through strategic, collaborative approaches, SEC empowers communities to protect and revitalize the valley’s resources.

SEC manages public spaces like Sugarloaf Ridge State Park and Sonoma Garden Park, offering guided hikes and educational programming for diverse audiences. They monitor the Sonoma Watershed’s health, restore, and stabilize stream banks with native plants, and organize community creek clean-ups. SEC strategically strengthens biodiversity with initiatives like the Sonoma Valley Wildlife Corridor and habitat restoration projects. Critter cameras at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park help map wildlife movement, contributing valuable data for conservation efforts.

Community engagement forms a core aspect of SEC’s work, offering watershed education programs to all Sonoma Valley schools and expanding into Santa Rosa at no cost to students or teachers. The “”EnviroLeaders”” vocational program provides youth with hands-on natural resource work experience. Senderos Naturales invites Latino families to connect with nature through bilingual guided walks and campouts. Furthermore, the Sonoma Valley Collaborative unites diverse community leaders to tackle housing affordability and sustainability issues.

Through these diverse initiatives, SEC nurtures informed, empowered, and resilient communities, safeguarding Sonoma Valley’s land, water, climate and biodiversity for present and future generations.