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Saving Our Sharks Foundation

Saving Our Sharks Foundation is committed to protecting sharks by improving the livelihoods of coastal communities. With over 11,000 sharks fished every hour globally, we’re dedicated to transforming fishermen’s livelihoods from shark fishing to ecotourism. By collaborating with local partners, scientists, and policymakers, we support shark research, conservation, and advocacy initiatives. Our vision is a future where sharks are recognized for their vital role in ocean ecosystems and valued for the benefits they provide to both marine life and human livelihoods.

Join us in safeguarding the balance of our oceans and ensuring a brighter future for sharks and coastal communities in the Mexican Caribbean.LandPaths mission is to foster a love of the land in Sonoma County. We engage more than 8,000 community members each year with our (3) core initiatives – Rooting Youth in Nature, Branching Out Conservation for Everyone, and Growing Community with Nature. These complimentary initiatives get youth from marginalized communities outside for recreation and science based nature exploration, connect families to the natural world through our Community Gardens and Vamos Afuera program, and engage volunteers in stewarding the land we manage to benefit the land while nourishing our volunteers.