Helpful Materials for Creating Outreach Content

See below for outreach ideas, fundraising resources, how to form a team, and more. 

These resources are available to help you promote your fundraising efforts. Be sure to always link your fundraising page when you share resources so that your supporters can come to our website and choose to support you.

If you have any questions or don’t see what you’re looking for, please e-mail us.

Make it Visual

Feel free to use any of the resources below. You can click and then click and drag them onto your computer, or right click and select download.


Print Materials – Flyers, Postcards, and Other Print Media

Print them, hand them out, put them in mailboxes or on your colleagues’ desks, leave them at a coffee shop, at your gym, at your local bike shop, wherever you think interested participants might be looking!

It’s easy to order postcards online – we like Vista Print because they have a 100% recycled paper option.

Social Media – Squares & Gifs & Banners, Oh My!

Post them, share them, text them to friends, leave them on the Facebook walls of your favorite coffee shop, your gym, your local bike shop, wherever you think interested participants might be clicking! As well, you can see examples of how others have mentioned Climate Ride in their social media and e-news.

Photos – Make Your Own Promos!

Have a hankering to make your own materials? Feel free to use these professional photos from our rides in CA, NYC, and DC! Just click on the photo you like and either click and drag the photo to your computer or right click to download it.

Outreach Content and Text

We’ve created templates to help you get the word out and to encourage your supporters to register in support of your organization or donate.

You’ll find sample blog posts, e-newsletter blurbs, facebook and twitter posts, calendar listings and letters from our Executive Director. You’re welcome to use this text word for word if you’d like!

If you decide to organize training rides, group fundraisers, form a team or host an informational session (details below), you’ll have fresh and fun content to reach out to your audience with.

Be sure to send us links or screenshots of what you’re posting. We’d love to see how you’re spreading the word!

Template Text
Use this sample content to help promote your organization as a beneficiary.
Download Climate Ride 2018 - Sample Content to Promote Your Organization
2019 Event Fact Sheet
Here's a quick rundown of our event information and brief descriptions, which will help as you develop your content.
Download 2019-Event-Fact-Sheet

Host an Informational Meeting

A fun way to introduce your supporters or colleagues to Climate Ride is to host a ‘meet and greet’ event. After work happy hours or coffee meetings on the weekend are good venues for an informational event. In the office place, you could host a brown bag lunch where colleagues bring their lunch to a meeting to learn about Climate Ride.

We’ll send you the Climate Ride photo slideshow so you can give your attendees a visual for what our events are like. It’s nice to run this in the background during the meeting. We can also provide a special promo code for you to give to people who show up. This is a great incentive to share when you’re marketing the event!

Depending on when you’d like to schedule the event for, we may be able to send a Climate Ride staff or board member to help host the meeting and answer specific event-related questions. If we cannot make it in person, we may be able to have a staff member Skype into your meet and greet to talk with your group.

Once you have the info session organized, be sure to get the word out! Share the details in a calendar listing, social media post or through your e-newsletters.


Form A Team

Teams: Why and How

Organizations that set up a team for a Climate Ride event can reap numerous benefits. Teams are a great way to build a new community of participants, grow your presence during an event, boost fundraising, and deepen your current supporters’ commitment to your mission. Plus, it’s tons of fun! Beneficiaries could offer their team members training support, group fundraising opportunities, custom team jerseys, branded schwag or memberships to the organization.

Some organizations have discovered that setting up a team and requiring team members to select their organization as the sole beneficiary can substantially boost their grant amount. For example:

  • Team Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition set up a team of 20 members who had selected just LACBC as their beneficiary. Their grant could be more than $72,000!
  • Team Vote Solar organized teams on two events with 10 participants in total. This could lead to over $34,000 for the organization!
  • Team University of Washington School of Public Health rallied 5 riders to join their team and ride on behalf of the school. Nearly $20,000 could be granted to them!

Please note: It is not required that you set up a team. Your organization can only set up a team if you have a designated participant who will captain the team. Be sure to review the Beneficiary FAQ and the Climate Ride FAQ if you need a refresher on how teams work.


Captain's Packet
Use this guide to organize and run your team
Download Climate Ride Captain's Packet
Learn How
Register your organization's team on a Climate Ride event
Download Team Registration Guide