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one earth

One Earth is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering everyone, everywhere, with the knowledge, inspiration, and opportunity to heal the Earth and reclaim our future. They turn knowledge into action by identifying and elevating effective climate solutions to shape policy, guide investments, support grassroots organizations, and galvanize a global movement of champions dedicated to regenerating our one Earth.

Through their unique model, One Earth drives systemic change by leading science that identifies and prioritizes solutions addressing the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss, promoting solutions using inspiring stories and accessible tools that empower all people to envision a new future, and galvanizing people to discover, join, share, and give to create meaningful change across the Earth’s 185 diverse bioregions.

They’ve developed transformative tools and led large-scale collaborative initiatives to help solve the interconnected ecological crises faced by people and planet, including the One Earth Climate Model, the most advanced energy decarbonization model that shows we can limit global average temperature rise to the critical threshold of 1.5°C with currently available solutions; the One Earth Solutions Framework that indexes 76 most effective solutions across three pillars of collective action—energy transition, nature conservation, and regenerative agriculture; the world’s first global-scale Bioregional framework, a new map of the world drawn by Nature that allows people to rediscover the diverse ecological fabric of life on our planet; and the Global Safety Net, the world’s first blueprint for saving biodiversity and stabilizing our climate.