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Jessica Gonzalez

Community Leader Green Fondo 2024

“I am participating in Climate Ride because I believe that biking can be a tool for liberation. In the midst of complexities and the uncertainties of our world today, I find hope in the resilience of Black, indigenous, and people of color. I find hope in moments of joy and insurgence.”

“I carry with me a vivid memory of riding the school bus, and driving past farmworkers picking crops on my way to school. It enraged me to know that while these workers were feeding the nation, they were exposed, under-paid, and mistreated. I learned early on that communities like mine, composed of immigrants and working-class families, are overlooked in the face of climate change. Growing up in the Eastern Coachella Valley deeply shaped my life’s work. My upbringing drives me to advocate for policies that invest in farmworker communities, and advance sustainable agricultural practices that are good for people and the planet.

As an advocate in the sustainable agriculture sector, I uplift policies that support the creation of a resilient food system.” 

Jessica Gonzalez