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Team Greenbelt Alliance Pedals for the Planet

There is still time to register for Climate Ride NYC-DC and Climate Ride Midwest, or your own Independent Challenge and raise funds for Greenbelt Alliance! Continue reading to learn more what Greenbelt Alliance has to say about their partnership with Climate Ride.

Greenbelt Alliance is focused on addressing a single challenge—how the Bay Area handles growth. We believe that instead of expanding outward to accommodate a growing population, it is better for our environment, economy, and our communities to reinvest in our cities and towns in ways that benefit all Bay Area residents. We are the Bay Area’s leader at taking that regional vision for how to grow and working locally to bring it to life.

Team Greenbelt Alliance is now a three-year veteran of Climate Ride California. Donations from Climate Ride have helped Greenbelt Alliance champion the places that make the Bay Area special. For riders in the Bay Area, we work to foster safe, bike-friendly neighborhoods for commuters and to protect the beautiful open spaces and farmlands that make Climate Ride California so spectacular.

Our work in advocating for thriving neighborhoods throughout the Bay Area is changing the way cities grow for the better. In San Jose, smart planning has vastly improved bike infrastructure while more urban parks around the city have created a safer, healthier city reduces our reliance on cars.

In Sonoma County, we helped establish the policies that currently protect county open space from sprawl development, and we continue to uphold that legacy today. As California Climate Riders can attest, the majesty of Sonoma county is worth protecting for future generations of riders!

Greenbelt Alliance is committed to making sure the right kind of development happens in the right places. Our success is largely due to the passion of our supporters, whether they are fellow advocates, motivated residents, or enthusiastic cyclists. We are proud to count the Climate Ride community among our peers as we work together toward a more sustainable future.”

At Climate Ride, we are currently in the middle of our Annual Fund and Bike Giveaway Campaign. By donating to Climate Ride’s Annual fund, you are supporting the programs of Climate Ride and allowing us to continue to increase our support of our beneficiaries like Greenbelt Alliance. To donate and see the bike you could win, click here!