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Future Events

Below is our list of past events we would love to run again along with potential future departures that we will endeavor to coordinate if there is enough interest.

If you’re interested in one of these rides, please sign up for the interest list and invite your friends, family, and anyone else you think would be interested in joining you. Or, if there is an event we’re running this year that you couldn’t make and want to see run again, this is the spot to sign up to get an email the next time we do it. We look to these lists in deciding future events, so please feel free to sign up for any interest list you think there’s a real possibility of you joining in order to “vote” for upcoming events.

Climate Ride provides its cyclists and hikers a unique opportunity to merge environmental passion, love of physical activity and challenge, and philanthropic commitment. You can learn about these fundraising events, including day-by-day and logistical information, by clicking on an event below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

About Climate Ride

Founded in 2008, Climate Ride is a nonprofit organization established to change lives through sports, like cycling and hiking, and to drive philanthropic impact for the sustainability movement. Started as a five-day bike ride from NYC to DC in 2008, Climate Ride has grown into an idea catalyst and leading supporter of the environmental and active transportation movement. We now have cycling and hiking events around the world helping to mobilize people to protect the planet.

It’s our passion to empower you to actively engage in environmental efforts by completing a multi-day outdoor endurance cycling and hiking event while fundraising through our grants program to support climate, conservation, and active transportation. We create opportunities for you to engage in a way that is uniquely positive, life-affirming, and transformational. We are so proud of Climate Ride participants who make an extraordinary contribution to a cause they care about. You are helping to provide much-needed financial support, raising awareness, and helping to build a national network of supporters.

The reward for this commitment is the experience of a lifetime through some of America’s most beautiful landscapes. While cycling or hiking, participants meet and network with leaders in sustainability, active transportation, and renewable energy while raising awareness of our cause.