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Ride for forests

Our mission is to leverage traditional indigenous knowledge to regenerate the planet and protect its vital systems.

Indigenous Peoples are recognized as being the greatest guardians and frontline defendants of nature. Their traditional ecological knowledge, passed down through generations, holds the key to the transformation, healing and restoration of mother earth. The Earth Elders is dedicated to ensuring that Indigenous Peoples rights, lands and traditional knowledge are protected.

The Climate Ride grant will help support our five mandates:
1. NATURE GOVERNANCE: Establishing Councils for Earth Stewardship
2. REGENERATION: Protecting Bio-Regions
3. YOUTH EMPOWERMENT: Building a network of indigenous-led centers of learning
4. ADVOCACY : Stories for Social & Ecological Restoration
5. JURISPRUDENCE: Enhanced Legal Protections

Support + Feed is an intersectional nonprofit organization dedicated to creating an equitable, plant-based food system and combating food insecurity and the climate crisis.

Let’s Make Ecocide an International Crime!

Stop Ecocide International is the driving force at the heart of the growing global movement towards recognition of “ecocide” (the most severe harm to the environment) as a serious crime at national, regional and international levels.

Recognition of ecocide law will create a legal guardrail for the planet, it will change global consensus about what is considered acceptable practice in terms of the destruction of nature. It will deter individuals and corporations from making decisions that they know will create severe and widespread destruction of the environment.

At present, individuals are not held criminally accountable when it is proven that their decisions have led to devastating environmental damage and destruction of entire ecosystems such as vast chemical spills or the clear-cutting of primary rainforests. This new law will help to change the cultural mindset.

For far too long there has been a nature-shaped hole in domestic and international criminal law. It’s time to realise that severe harm to nature is just as serious, wrong and dangerous as severe harm to people – and indeed ultimately will amount to the same thing – on a planetary scale.

The importance of this new law cannot be overstated, particularly for the young and future generations. It will provide a foundational legal framework to protect the world they are growing up into, supporting all other environmental movements worldwide with the legal safety rail we shall all increasingly need if we are to emerge from the current crisis.

Join us in building this crucial legacy for future generations.

Amazon Frontlines is battling the climate crisis by securing Indigenous Guardianship of the Amazon rainforest. We build power with Indigenous peoples to form a bulwark of resistance throughout the Upper Amazon, working together deep in the forest, in our organizing center in northeastern Ecuador, and in the halls of power around the world.

Founded in 2014, Amazon Frontlines partners with Indigenous nations in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia that collectively govern vast rainforest territories with immense benefits for climate and biodiversity. By combining cutting-edge technology with bottom-up organizing, we help Indigenous nations GET CONTROL of their lands—securing land titles for millions of hectares of climate-critical rainforest and halting illegal activities through real-time forest monitoring. Then, we help Indigenous peoples KEEP CONTROL of their lands—ensuring they can exercise their collective rights to decide the future of their territories through legal precedent and new national policies. Then, we work with Indigenous women and youth to promote initiatives that challenge the existing paradigm of “extraction at any cost” and create a future where Indigenous peoples can THRIVE on their lands, ensuring new generations have the capacity to protect their forests for the long term.