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Farming Hope

MISSION: Farming Hope is a garden-to-table job training nonprofit. They offer paid, empowering transitional employment in their garden and kitchen with formerly incarcerated or unhoused neighbors. They just secured a new long term lease with more than double the kitchen space which will help to recover more food and feed more folks in need. They also recently “root to stem” dinner, where their Culinary Director Phil Saneski included recovered product into each dish. He emphasized using the whole plant (like cauliflower stems and carrot tops) to reduce waste. Americans waste 30-40% of the food supply, so any inroads we can make on food waste reduction, especially around the holidays, is hugely important for sustainability and climate justice.
“Thank you for backing Farming Hope. The ecological and human crises we face are staggering. Food is our entry point – both structurally and personally, we can affect change by teaching and modeling food recovery, supportive job training, and radically welcoming community spaces. Farming Hope is honored to work with Climate Ride to expand our new community food hub, to lead on reducing food waste, to pay and train more Apprentices facing barriers to employment, and to cook 100,000 free and nourishing meals every year.” –Jamie Stark, Farming Hope Co-founder
Learn more > Connect and get involved with their work: Instagram: @farminghope Sign up for their monthly newsletter for updates and event invites! See other Environmental Justice Action Grantees here.