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CoalitionWILD believes that our future is dependent on the passionate young people inheriting our life-saving wilderness. By empowering young leaders to pursue community-level environmental projects, we have created a global network of grassroots conservationists fighting for our planet. Any young leader can apply with their project and model the grant process, stewardship principles, and data collection that is needed by bigger projects while learning how to spur on peers and create lasting change in their communities.

By partnering our young leaders with seasoned conservationists, we also steward and encourage generational knowledge and wisdom and create pathways for inter-generational relationships to flourish.

Our mission is to transcend inclusivity, but to truly champion young leaders’ creativity and drive to save our planet in innovative and community-level ways. Join us in empowering the next generation of change-makers!

LandPaths mission is to foster a love of the land in Sonoma County. We engage more than 8,000 community members each year with our (3) core initiatives – Rooting Youth in Nature, Branching Out Conservation for Everyone, and Growing Community with Nature. These complimentary initiatives get youth from marginalized communities outside for recreation and science based nature exploration, connect families to the natural world through our Community Gardens and Vamos Afuera program, and engage volunteers in stewarding the land we manage to benefit the land while nourishing our volunteers.