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Climate Ride Funders Trips – Accelerating Philanthropy with Every Pedal Stroke

The 2024 Funders Trips are:

Slovenia Ride

Bhutan Ride & Hike

Japan Ride

We are incredibly grateful for every person who joins the Climate Ride Funders Trips. Here’s a bit about these trips and how they fuel the Climate Ride cause.

  • These events raise money directly for Climate Ride so that we can accelerate our mission and goals. We have granted close to $12 million to organizations working in climate, the environment, and active transportation.
  • Funders Trips help to grow the number of life-changing events we run and increase grants to our beneficiary network.
  • In 2022, participants and donors on Climate Ride Funders Trips helped fund over 30 Community Leader Award scholarships. These scholarships fund the participation of riders and hikers who wouldn’t otherwise be able to participate. The awards increased diversity at our 2023 events and created a better representation of the communities Climate Ride serves at our events.
  • The support of participants and donors on Funders Trips allows Climate Ride to fully underwrite the costs of the Green Fondo events. These weekend events remove many of the barriers to participation allowing them to engage a broader audience of people in the Climat Ride cause. Because of Funders Trips, we are able to give 100% of every dollar raised directly to the beneficiary grants. In 2023, we granted $742,364 from the Green Fondo events!
  • Funders Trips also help fund the Climate Ride Justice and Action Grants. Since 2021, we’ve donated $80,000 to nonprofits working on environmental justice and outdoor access. In 2023, we’ll donate another $60,000.

Thank you to everyone who joins our Funders Trips and helps our lean organization to keep inspiring people to get on their bikes, explore and protect the wild places we love, and provide much-needed funding the the nonprofits that are doing hard work on behalf of our communities. Remember, less than 3% of all charitable giving in the US funds environmental work. Climate Ride has generated a critical a new source of funding in a sector that desperately needs our support.