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Climate Ride California Wine Country Recap

Wow, time really flies while having fun on Climate Ride! Is anybody else wishing they hadn’t wished for the hill on Day 4 to end so soon? Unfortunately the 4 days and 250 miles of riding are over but the impact of more than half a million dollars raised for climate change, active transportation and bike advocacy are still to come! Until then, here are some photos from the ride. 

Separated bike lanes!

Crusing into Napa Valley Wine Country

Wishing for cooler times

Relaxing sunset at Skyline Wilderness Park after 3 days of riding

Thanks Jen and New Belgium Brewing for the post ride beer! 

Just follow the fuscia 28 signs

A modern day Pony Express rider on his Iron Horse

Team B the Change still going strong at the Capitol in Sacramento! 

A Climate Ride superhero riding through vinyards saving the world from bad cycling infrastructure and greenhouse gasses 

The final mile into Sacramento to the rally at the Capitol 

Having fun at the Jimtown Store on day 3

Riding across the Golden Gate Bridge on Day 1

Into the hills on day 4