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Meet the influencers fighting for the planet:

Climate Ride Ambassadors are more than just participants; they are the influencers leading the charge toward a more sustainable future. They help Climate Ride to reach more people with the message that our events are valuable and life-changing experiences.

We don’t have a powerful marketing budget or a big corporation behind our efforts. We’ve become a national presence and a force for good because of our participants’ word-of-mouth testimonials.

We need your help to increase awareness of Climate Ride and to represent us online by posting photos and stories, re-sharing our posts, and answering questions about the rides and hikes. You are interested in being a Climate Ride Ambassador because you believe in the power of the Climate Ride community.

Position: Ambassador for the Social World

You are the online face of Climate Ride. To become an Ambassador, you need to have experienced at least one Climate Ride event.

Due to social media algorithms, it’s becoming harder and more expensive for grassroots organizations like ours to spread the word. What can you do? Help us beat the system! Start amplifying our presence on social media!

Most Important: Inspire other to fight for the Climate Ride cause

Post about your sustainability and advocacy efforts and tag #climateride and @climateride

For example: I commute by bike to work #climateride; I support local agriculture #climateride; I installed solar #climateride

During Events:

For more information or to ask any questions, please contact us. Apply below!