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Ride for clean energy

Climate Basecamp is an organization with a mission to ‘speak science to culture’. More specifically, it is a communication channel that makes climate science accessible and accepted by as many people as possible, regardless of social status, income or political beliefs. Its approach to cut through the clutter and reach its target audiences is through culture. Their initiatives influence five areas of culture (fashion, entertainment, food, sport and arts) to discuss climate change. Working with these five institutions, they grab people’s attention through tactical events, social media activations, artworks and videos. With a blend of scientific experts and social trendsetters, they are most committed to get everyone talking about climate change. Their current target audiences include the moveable middle, gen-z groups and key cultural and social media influencers. The moveable middle describes an inter-generational group that may know about the impacts of climate change, but do not yet feel like they can or should do anything about it.

Climate Basecamp has two campaigns: ‘Save the Things we Love’ and ‘Performing Hope’. The former is a campaign to discuss how climate change is affecting the things we love. The organisation helps bring attention to the fact that our morning caffeine fix, our avocado toast, and even our happy hour is threatened unless we act now. The latter is a campaign to help individuals cope with climate anxiety and apathy. It advocates that hope is not passive but rather a call to proactive engagement. With this approach, individuals can be empowered to make conscious choices for individual and collective climate action, no matter how small. The organisation has previously produced ballet and cello performances in nature for the audience to feel emotion for the environment that surrounds us and move them to take action, to perform hope!

The Solutions Project is national non-profit organization that funds and amplifies climate justice solutions created by frontline communities building power for an equitable and regenerative economy.

At The Climate Center we create energy solutions for homes, businesses, and municipalities throughout California and beyond. We make it easier for everyone to do the right thing by advancing game-changing policy solutions that dramatically shrink our carbon footprint and ensure a sustainable future. We have catalyzed 500,000 people in Northern California to commit to reducing carbon output by 25 percent and the world is watching us. Through your support of the The Climate Center, you create a clean energy future and show the world how to solve climate change.