This is the experience of a lifetime. Not only are we doing something active about sustainability and climate change, but the experience of doing something so challenging and with so many other people created connections and interchanges that I’ll remember my whole life.

— Peter Trolio

This trip further impressed upon me the importance and power of community, and how vital it is to continue to challenge yourself and to explore the unknown.

— Antonia Sohns

The Climate Ride Independent Challenge program made it so easy for me to raise money to support causes that I care deeply about. I was out on a bike ride early in spring and was thinking about how I could combine two of my biggest passions: 1) environmental causes; 2) riding my bike. Climate Ride allowed me to do this and my 3.5 day trip from Baltimore to Deep Creek, Maryland was one of the highlights of my summer.

— Scott Heacock

By the time we were back at the Glacier Guides headquarters, the group was happy and love-filled, and saying goodbye felt far harder than I’d thought it would. The community that we formed in 5 short days was unbelievable. And when I think about the communities that we all drew on to support our fundraising for this hike, the reach and people power of the climate movement feels seriously formidable.

— Katie Siegner

I was looking forward to seeing the beauty of nature in the mountains, bearing witness to the effects of climate change on the glaciers, and challenging my body. While all those things did happen, it was the inspiration I gained from my fellow hikers that has given me renewed motivation to work on this issue.

— Megan Van Loh

I’ll definitely be on the Climate Ride California again next year…the best 5 days I’ve ever had on a bike, and I spend a lot of days on bikes!

— Adam Happel

If you’re considering doing a Climate Ride, or questioning whether you have the physical ability to do it—I’d say to you, “If I can do it, you can do it.” I’m not a competitive cyclist; I rode on a hybrid bike, not a fancy road bike. You’ll be welcomed, you’ll be encouraged, and you’ll enjoy it. Anyone who’s determined and in reasonable shape can finish this ride.

— Chris McEntee, Northeast Ride

Thanks again for the best organized trip I have ever been on! The hospitality and organizational skills of the Climate Ride team cannot be surpassed. Thank you and the team so much for making the trip educational, memorable, gorgeous, and very, very fun.

— Anne Doyle

Best week of my year! Incredible to spend a week with over 100 people passionate about improving the world and their local communities, who also love biking! I made some great connections and am energized to keep going and reaching and working for change. And I will do this again for sure!

— Anonymous