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Five-Time Climate Rider Promises to Keep Riding Until National Climate Legislation is Passed

This is Sid Madison’s fifth Climate Ride! Sid has been on every NYC-DC ride since 2012, and when Climate Ride took a break from his favorite route, he created his own event with Climate Ride’s Independent Challenge program to raise funds and awareness for his beneficiary Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL).  Last year, Sid rode 3,150 miles over several months for his Independent Challenge…and we thought 400 miles on this ride was a lot! Currently retired, Sid devotes his time to volunteer for CCL and partakes in many local and national demonstrations for climate action. Sid is passionate about climate change, CCL, and their work to pass National Climate Legislation. Each year on the NYC-DC Ride, he has met with a House Representative as a part of Climate Ride’s Advocacy Day to call for the passing of CCL’s “Carbon Fee and Dividend” proposal. This proposal is a solution created by CCL to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and account for the costs of burning fossil fuels while growing the economy.  This year, he hopes to meet with a house representative from Wisconsin. Sid promises to keep riding and supporting CCL until National Climate Legislation is passed. We are so inspired and glad to have Sid with us for another epic ride!