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Prime Ability Youth Cycling

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Mission: The mission of Prime Ability is to build communities and inspire the lives of young people through fitness.

The amount of obstacles students go through each day in order to just walk into the door and attend school can be enormous. In many instances, staying focused, steadfast, and avoiding distractions in our environments can be tough when you’re struggling just to survive. No matter what happens in life, our abilities will always shine when we want them to. We just have to put the work in. Our stories are what make us ‘Prime’. We all have something to share with the world.

Our aim is to Empower students to tap into their unique abilities and what they offer to the world through powerful workshops that focus on physical, mental and emotional development.

Our biking program has kept so many kids active and off the streets. Our motto is #Stayprime and #morekidsonbikeslesskidsonthestreets