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Climate Hike FAQ

How much is registration, how much do I need to fundraise, and what does it include?

Registration is $150. The fundraising commitment for the 5-day event is $3000. This is what is included:

  • Access to donation software via the web, where you can customize your own Personal Fundraising Page to manage your fundraising and donations. Plus, fundraising and logistical support from our office staff!
  • The opportunity to choose from more than 100 amazing beneficiary organizations to support.
  • The Climate Hike hiking shirt, provided you sign up at least 8 weeks before the event and meet the fundraising minimum by the deadline. If you sign up within 6 weeks of the event, we'll do everything we can to make sure you get a shirt in your size, but there are no guarantees.
  • Expert Guides and Support Staff on the trail with us all day
  • The Travel Planner, including detailed information about getting to and from the event
  • All breakfasts, picnic and packed lunches, dinners and snacks once the event begins
  • 4 nights of camping accommodations in and around the park; 5 days of activities
  • Hot showers in camp
  • Daily luggage transport (you do not have to carry your gear on the trail!)
  • A chance for top fundraisers to win amazing gifts and swell prizes
  • Transportation from Whitefish, MT to the trip start, and back when the event ends.
  • Nightly events and talks from engaging speakers
  • Access to the Climate Ride community - a national network of professionals and thought leaders in the sustainability, conservation, and active transportation sectors.

I've never fundraised before! Can I do it??

You bet! Our participants are really successful fundraisers. We provide the tools and support (and gentle nudges :) to make your fundraising successful. 85% of participants actually raise more than the minimum! You're here because you care about the cause and want to do something hugely important to support the organizations that are important to you. Your friends, colleagues, family, and community will want to support you! Learn more about successful fundraising techniques.

Is this a backpacking trip (with heavy packs) or a camping trip (with day packs)?

It is a camping trip. You will not be carrying a heavy pack, just a daypack with your water, food, rain gear etc. We camp at nearby 'front country' campgrounds with electricity, showers, and where our Guides can prepare delicious camp meals.

Where do we camp?

We have secured wonderful campgrounds that provide us with access to the best trails, as well as hot showers, electricity, and where our camp chefs can provide delicious, healthy, warm meals for the group. 

Are there hot showers?

Yes! We will have hot showers available in our campgrounds.

I don't there a hotel option?

Yes! However, hotels in the area book up early. We will provide a lodging list, but you must book early and it is at your own expense. 

How much do we shuttle each day?

Glacier is huge, encompassing more than 1 million acres. In order to reach our trailheads, there will typically be up to an hour of shuttling each direction, each day. Shuttles are a great opportunity to see the full expanse of the park while learning from our Glacier Guides and connecting with your group. 

I see there are only 30 spots...sounds like I need to get my spot soon?

Yes, due to the trail restrictions put in place by the National Park Service to protect our National Parks, the trails are only open to a certain number of people. This makes for an incredible experience.

What is Climate Ride's Cancellation Policy?

You can review the Cancellation and Transfer policies here. We know the unforeseen can happen. If you are unable to attend the event you are registered for, please email us as soon as possible and we will cancel your registration.

If I cancel my registration, will my funds be disbursed to my beneficiaries?

Please read our Cancellation and Transfer Policies. Participants must fully fundraise to the event’s fundraising minimum in order for their fundraising to be disbursed to their beneficiaries through the Climate Ride Grants Program.

Do I need to be a serious hiker to do Climate Hike?

Absolutely not! This is a beautiful and educational tour, not a race. Climate Hike is great for new and seasoned hikers. To have the best possible experience, it is important that you train for hiking. We'll provide you with training tips and a packing list to make sure you have the right gear for the trail. 

What is the hiking group size each day?

Due to trail restrictions that limit the number of hikers, our Glacier Guides will divide the large group into smaller hiking groups based on your hiking ability. Every hike is beautiful and our job is to make sure you have a safe and memorable experience.

What do I need to bring?

We'll provide you with a full packing list that will detail what clothes and items you should bring to have a comfortable trip. 

Please bring your own tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad. You can also rent camping gear (and pick it up) from the hiking guides at the trip start.

How do I get to the trip start?

You can get to West Glacier, MT (or nearby Whitefish, MT) by plane, train, or car. We'll have full details in the travel planner. You must arrive at the latest on the evening before the trip is scheduled to begin. The earliest you could book a flight to depart would be 4pm on last day of the event.

How do I create a team?

When you register online, it will ask you if you want to join as an individual or as a team. Please choose the team option. Since you are registering the team, it will automatically make you the Team Captain. You will have the tools to manage the team page, in addition to your personal fundraising page. You also have control over the team fundraising goal. Let your potential teammates know that when they register they can choose to join your team from the drop-down menu. See "Starting a Team" for more information, or contact us.

Can I create a team or join a team after I have registered as an individual?

Yes! If you want to join a team after registering, contact us with the name of the team you want to be on and we'll make it happen.

Can I change my beneficiary choices after I've registered?

Yes! If you would like to change your beneficiary choices, please contact us and indicate which beneficiaries you would like to support.  Please note that beneficiary choices must be finalized three weeks prior to the trip start.

What's the rafting like on the last day?

This finale raft trip is an amazing way to experience Glacier from the water. It is a three hour long trip on the Middle Fork of the Flathead River along the southwestern boundary of Glacier National Park. You'll be going through John Stevens Canyon where the rapids are rated class II and III, which makes it a fun and splashy adventure (especially if you choose to sit in the front of the raft!). Following the simple commands of the guide, you will actually become part of the crew that maneuvers your craft. Be sure to wear clothes you won't mind getting wet. Wetsuits are available for no additional cost (but not really needed if the weather is warm). If a participant would like to skip it, we can shuttle them to the endpoint.

Still have questions? Contact us!