Glacier Ride

Do I need my passport?

Yes! If you forget your passport, you will not be able to enter Canada on Day 3 of the trip. 

Glacier National Park seems pretty remote, how do I get to and from Glacier?

The trip will begin in West Glacier, Montana. You can get to West Glacier, MT (or nearby Whitefish, MT) by plane, train, or car. We have full details in the Travel Planner, which you'll receive after you register. You must arrive at the latest on the evening before the ride begins. The earliest you could book a flight to depart would be 4pm on the last day of the trip.

What do I need to know about whitewater rafting on the last day?

This final raft trip is an amazing way to experience Glacier from the water. It is a three hour trip on the Middle Fork of the Flathead River along the southwestern boundary of Glacier National Park. You'll be going through John Stevens Canyon where the rapids are rated class II and III, which makes it a fun and splashy adventure (if you choose to sit in the front of the raft!). Following the simple commands of the guide, you will actually become part of the crew that maneuvers your craft. Be sure to wear clothes you won't mind getting wet. Wetsuits are available for no additional cost (but not really needed if weather is warm). If a participant would like to skip it, we can shuttle to the endpoint.

Can I support any of Climate Ride’s beneficiaries on this ride?

The Glacier National Park Conservancy is the sole beneficiary for this ride. Proceeds from this event go towards GNPC and their work in Glacier National Park and the Climate Ride cause. Because of this, you cannot change your beneficiary selection after registering. 

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