Independent Challenge

Climate Ride can be more than a ride or a hike.

We realize that there are a lot of cool ways to fundraise for your favorite cause and make an impact on your local community or environmental advocacy group. We want to help! That’s why we’re offering the Independent Challenge program.

This program helps you raise money and awareness for your favorite Climate Ride beneficiary without participating in one of our existing cycling or hiking events.

You create your own fundraising idea and power your own causeStart your fundraiser here!

Have an idea for an event or adventure?

Starting an Independent Challenge is as easy as 1-2-3.

We'll be here to help you set up a fundraising page, give you pro-tips on fundraising, and connect you to our extended network of sustainably-focused organizations.


What kind of help do I get?

Once you’re registered, you can use the Toolkit that’s full of helpful resources, including fundraising strategies and tips, sample messaging and text templates, and logos that you can use to create flyers, t-shirts, banners, and so on.

Is anything off limits in terms of what I do for an event?

The sky is the limit! You can run, hike, swim, jump rope, pedal, or paddle to fundraise. Participants have also given up birthday or wedding gifts in lieu of donations for their cause.

However, if there are any serious concerns about the way your event is being implemented, or if the activities of the event organizer undermine Climate Ride’s mission and values, Climate Ride reserves the right to remove your online fundraising page and/or withdraw involvement at any time. Keep it appropriate, and you’ll be fine.

Is there a fundraising minimum?

Yes. Climate change and sustainability issues are urgent, complex, and important problems, and we need your passion and dedication to help solve them. As such, the fundraising minimum for Independent Challenges is $1000. We want to maximize the support we provide to the beneficiaries that are doing this important work! Once you reach the $1000 threshold, we’ll ship you a special package of goodies, to prepare you for your event, and to say thank you for your efforts.

What happens if I don’t meet the minimum?

You can still participate in your event and we’ll still direct your fundraising to the beneficiaries you’ve selected. We just won’t send you a package of goodies before your event. Sorry!

What do I do with checks that donors give me?

All checks should be made out to the "Climate Ride" and sent to our Missoula, MT office with this form.

What about matching donations?

Matching donations are a great way to meet your fundraising goal! One thing to keep in mind is that it can take a while for a match to process -- most companies mail out matching gifts only monthly or quarterly. We'll post the matching donation to your fundraising page as soon as it arrives, but in order for it to go toward your minimum, it has to arrive before the year's fundraising deadline. Talk about a great reason to get started fundraising early!

Are there fundraising prizes?

Of course! All participants who raise more than $1000 will receive a special package of goodies, to prepare you for your event, and to say thank you for your efforts.

Can I create my own jerseys or t-shirts, etc?

Yes - use the logos here. We can recommend our favorite vendors or you can use your own. You’re responsible for the cost of making your own items.

Will I have my own website?

Yes. Every Independent Challenger receives their own fundraising page after registering. Most participants provide a link to their fundraising page in their email signature, as well as in every fundraising letter.

However, that long string of nonsense that make up the URL link can feel a little unwieldy. Fortunately, there are some ways to whip that link into tighter shape. At, you can paste your long link to your fundraising page into the box in the center of the page. Then, in the little box below labeled ' customurl,' type in what you want it to be, like "sarahsride" or something. Then click Tiny! and it will make you that custom link.

If you want to add the new and improved link to your email signature in Gmail, click the gear icon (upper right of your Gmail page) and go to "settings". On your settings page, under "general", scroll down to find the "signature" box, where you can customize your email signature. Paste your custom URL into the signature box and voila! Your tiny url will be attached to the bottom of all your emails.

Am I Newsworthy?

Yes! Sharing your experience with folks who can't be there to join you for your event helps drive home why you're doing the event in the first place, and encourages donors, friends, and family, and everyone else in your community to become more engaged with our cause. We have resources to help you in your Fundraising Dashboard. You can download the Press Release template from the "Resources" tab. Then just customize some of the information, send it out, and voila. Don't forget to send us a copy once it gets published so we can share it!


Still have questions? Check out our FAQ and Polices pages or email us!


2018 Challengers

Detroit to Cape Cod

Dennis Desmarais

Dennis will be riding 1,000 miles over 5 days from Detroit to Cape Cod.

Fabulous Fifty

Nora Hipolito

Cycling in the Alps - for Fifty More Years!

Year Round Cycling

Sid Madison

Sid will ride year-round for Citizens Climate Lobby. This is his 7th Climate Ride event!

Completed Challenges

RoxRide Bikeways

Tony Ibanez

A group of cyclist will ride to Roxbury, MA to raise awareness and funding for safer biking for Roxbury's youth.

Tour de Quisqueya

Matthias Resch

A cycling adventure and social impact project in Haiti bringing local and international cyclists together.

Cle to Sea

Shelli Snyder

Shelli is biking from her home of 20+ years in Cleveland, Ohio to her new home on the Kitsap Peninsula, near Seattle.

Downieville Classic

Team Help Educate

A team of three will ride in a 30 mile cross-country mountain bike race in the Sierra Nevada's.

The GRID Alternatives Trans-Am Tour

Michael Johnson-Chase

Michael will bike over 4,000 miles across the country visiting and volunteering with all 11 GRID Alternative offices.

California Woof Ride

Harvey Slater

Harvey, Ricky, and their 4 dogs embark on a 300 mile unsupported bike tour.

We’re Wearin’ the World

Shamini Dhana

Shamini will bike 1,000 miles around the world in honor of our own global connectedness and B Corps.

Around the Lake

Alice Merkel

A team of bicyclists will pedal their way around Lake Erie and raise funds for local bike and conservation non-profits.


David Morris

David and Ben will summit and ski down Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina for POW.

Running to Paris

Tina Hilding

Tina Hilding ran 350 miles over two and a half months in support of and the Paris Climate Conference in 2015.

Keys to Freeze

Keys to Freeze

A 9,000 mile cycling journey from the Florida Keys to Deadhorse, Alaska.

Pacific West Coast Ride

Lowell A. Meyer

Lowell biked over 1,500 miles and raised over $7,000 for Citizen's Climate Lobby.

360 by Bike

Forrest Watkins

Over the next several years, Forrest Watkins will ride the equivalent of one circumference of Earth in the name of

Freezin for a Reason

Chico State University's Alternative Transportation Group

Chico State University's Alternative Transportation Group created a polar bear plunge.

Ride to the Sun

Becky Douglas Delp

Becky and her husband pedaled up 3,226 feet in Glacier National Park with their three kids in tow.

400 ppm Half-Marathon Challenge

Evan O'Neil

Evan is riding 400 miles and running his first half-marathon to support Climate Ride & Transportation Alternatives.

Across America North

Barbara Larrain

Trans-America Tour from Oregon to New Hampshire to bring awareness to the environmental challenges we face today.

Loop the Lake

Handlebar Heroes

A group of 8th grade students will ride a 13-mile loop around White Lake.