Greg Laemmle with his custom Climate Ride bike

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Annual Fund

Since 2008, Climate Ride has inspired 2,300 people to ride and hike 641,000 miles for issues that they truly believe in. Climate Ride gives those who are concerned an opportunity to do something meaningful, an opportunity to make a difference, and a chance to experience something truly unique. We want to inspire the next 1,000 people but we need your help.


If you have supported a Climate Rider in the past or participated in one of our events, we encourage you to donate to our Annual Fund Campaign.  Here's what a few inspired individuals have to say about Climate Ride:

“The whole Climate Ride experience was transformative. I can't stop thinking about it; how lucky I am to have been a part of it.” Jeff Carpenter, Climate Rider

“This has been such an eye-opening and life-affirming experience for me, so I can't thank you enough for being a part of it with me and helping me along the way. You guys at Climate Ride are A-Class folks with a lot of heart. I'm really glad to have worked with such fantastic people for such a fantastic cause.” Lowell Meyer, Independent Challenger.

“The experience renewed my awareness of our precious natural resources and of the urgent need to protect them.” Lindsay Parker, Climate Hiker

When you donate now, you will help inspire the next wave of Climate Riders and Hikers.

Your donation will help us continue to motivate people to find their physical limits, to connect people to the natural world and to empower people to become philanthropists. You have been an integral part of this movement, but we need your continued support today!


Climate Ride is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations made to the Climate Ride annual fund are tax deductible.

2017 Donors

We would like to recognize the donors who have contributed to the 2017 Annual Fund.

Thanks to these generous supporters for helping Climate Ride to achieve its mission! You can join them by making a contribution here.


Founders Circle: $5,000

Tom and Teresa Quinn


Founders Circle: $1,000

Philip Vandaele

Michael H Kieschnick


Breakaway Benefactor: $500-$999

Jason and Sondra Fowler


Peloton Pioneer: $150-$499

John Wiley & Sons


Friend of the Ride

Lisa A. Levine
Team Andrew Schwartz
The Muscarella Family
Pam Cysner
Steve and Carole Mahoney
Dan Edifice

2016 Donors

We would like to recognize the donors who have contributed to the 2016 Climate Ride Annual Fund. Thanks to these generous supporters for helping Climate Ride to achieve its mission!


Founders Circle: $10,000

March Conservation Fund


Founders Circle: $5,000

Brendan Gray

Ron and Eva Sher

The Peter & Patricia Gruber Foundation

Tom and Teresa Quinn

Sam and Peggy Grossman


Founders Circle: $2,500

Kim Larson

Scott & Thistle Cone

Dhana Inc.

Eileen Fisher


Founders Circle: $1,000+

David Conover

Lisa Drake

Karen Dukess and Steve Liesman

Emmet Foundation

Betsy and Jesse Fink Fund

John Given

Jim Kuster

Andre H.

Chris and Sasha Heinz

Roger Schwed

Mark Wenzler


Breakaway Benefactor: $500–$999

Susan Green & David Thompson

Juan Benitez

Bayne Family Fund

The Stiassni Family Foundation

Peter Brock

Stuart Rachlin

Stephen Gillespie and Shamini Dhana

Greg & Tish Laemmle

Josh Lasky

Elyse And Joshua Arnow

Evan O'Neil

Dallin Elementary School

Alex Alderman

Nancy and Jim Fleming


Peloton Pioneer: $150–$499

Steve Hoffner

Brandon Sutton

Emily and Tom Haslett

Thomas Lovejoy

David Arkin & Anni Tilt

Rachael and Robert Loper

Devin & Skya Martin-Livingston

Louis Rosenthal

Scott Warner (Stormrider 2011)

Tim Frick

Tim Frick: You Are Awesome!

Mark Wenzler

LIFT Economy

Anne Friedlander

Peter Streibig

Pete Gang

Paula and Karl Danz

Dan Leaverton


Friend of the Ride

Tish Levee, Climate Hike 2014

Goodway Group

BusiBee Bookkeeping

Anne Sauer

Marina and Perrin Anderson

John Grossman

James Farrell and Emma Farr Rawlings

Patti Burns

Susan Silver

Scott Wasserman

Jon Pinkus

Israel B Coutin, MD

Malcolm A


Terry Thiele

Bob Box

Rick Herron

Marianne Phillips

Carolyn 'Mama Bear' Wilkins

Josie Gray

David Coale

Tommy Sunderland

Ingrid DiPaula

Chantal Hardy

Nancy Hennessy

Alden Mudge and Mari Loria

Elizabeth Burrows

Jackie Chin

Carl Henn

Mark Wall

Susan Arnett

Natalie Chwalisz

Kenneth Hundrieser

Elevate Packaging

Lee Davis

Katie Preston

Linda N.

Kyle Akerman

Anne Sjolander

Fulcrum Creatives

Cynthia Silverthorn

Joanna Gubman

Adam Happel

Ann Brown

Sharon Kramlich

Gretchen Reed

David Falk

GusTavo Guerra Vásquez

Rana DiOrio

Marc Rifkin

Pamela Hudson Veenbaas

Vinnie Caruso


Michael Kovnat

Liz Smith

Monica Heger

Kayt Colburn

Ed DeMeo

Hans Engler

Laura J Gray

Ben Sander

C Stout

Rick Young

Jeanine Morreim

Fiyel Levent

Deb Janes

Casey Wilder Mott

Moshin Vineyards



Jessica Albietz

Rose Chaffee-Cohen and Jake Cohen

Eric Davidson

Danette Knickmeier

Chris Wagoner

Eileen Fitz-Faulkner

Emily Peck

John Terry Griffin

Nora Hipolito

Alden @ Bike East Bay

Phil Geyer

Steve Tenelshof

Mary Kenney and Joe Pasqua

Cam Campbell

Anne Doyle

Peter Trolio

Kevin and Sherry Rast

Marcus Kenny

Ray Porfilio

Julie Hale

Rick Rickard

Alix Cotumaccio

Adrian Gershom

Jay Reighley

John Balbus

Shamini Dhana

Jeanne McArthur

Supriya Gujral

Maricar Turner

Ann Gattorn

Nate Gabig

Bruce Catania

Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project

Emily Stasko

Bonnie Cohen

Wendy Philleo and Tim House

Erik Stolzer

Chris D

Laurie Cummings

Claire Bonham-Carter

Barbara Larrain

NMA Architects, Santa Barbara CA

Irving Gerratt

In support of the Patrick Colleran Excel Wizard in Training Fund


Phil Scarampi

Skuk Jones


2015 Donors

We would like to recognize the donors who have contributed to the 2015 Climate Ride Annual Fund. Thanks to these generous supporters for helping Climate Ride to achieve its mission!


Founders Circle: $10,000

March Conservation Fund

Giant Steps Foundation


Founders Circle: $5,000

Quinn Family Foundation


Founders Circle: $2,500+

Ron and Eva Sher Family Fund  

Sam & Peggy Grossman Family Foundation

Betsy and Jesse Fink Foundation


Founders Circle: $1,000+

Patricia Hallstein and Axel Kramer

Rosi Kerr and Dawn Averitt

Roger Schwed


Breakaway Benefactor: $500–$999

Charlie and Joyce Solberg

David - NYC DC 2013

Evan O'Neil  

Jim Berger

Jim Kuster

Juan Benitez


Peloton Pioneer: $150–$499

Blake Holiday  

Catherine Bock

Charlotte Streck  

Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project  

Cynthia Silverthorn

Dan Leaverton

Jim and Nancy Fleming

Karl Danz  

Linda Nyberg

LocalConstruct, Inc.

Louis F. Rosenthal

Phil Geyer

Rick Rickard  

Susan Green


Friend of the Ride

Aaron & Marcia Cohen

Adam Rubinfield

Adrian Gershom

Alan Adye

Alan Bair

Alan Miller

Alexandra Alderman

Andy Crestodina


Ben Sander

Beth Tiedemann

Brooks Barron  

Bruce Catania

CB Davis

Christine Heinrichs

Clyde Hicks

David Coale

David Marsland

Dirk Rosen  

Elaine Hebert

Erica Gulseth

Glenn Fidler

Hanno Lewis

Heather Lussier  

Heidi Van Everen

In honor of Carol Hyman

Ingrid DiPaula/DesignInk

Jana Taylor

Janet Roseff and Robert Lane

Javier Burgos

Jay R

Jay Rutherdale

Jennifer Hottell

Jo Miles

Joe Ganley (NYC-DC 2013)  

John Atchley 

Julie Hale

Justin Bradley  

Karl Rábago  

Kelli McCune 

Larry Litvak

Lemon Cove

Lily G

Lisa K Dobbs

Lisa Soverino

Marcus Kenny

Martha Russo  

Michelle O'Connor 

Myron Gainforth

Nancy Fleming

Natalie Chwalisz 

Pete Gang

Peter Streibig

Rachael Loper


Robert Loper

Rose Chaffee-Cohen

Sandy Emerson

Sara Carnahan

Scott Wasserman

Skya & Devin Livingston Martin  

Steve Hoffner

Susan Flakus

Swetha Kannan  

Travis Richardson

Trina Peterson

Valerie C