Greg Laemmle with his custom Climate Ride bike

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We are now in the 10th year of Climate Ride and we need your support more than ever!

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Since 2008, Climate Ride has inspired nearly 3,000 people who have cycled and hiked over 750,000 miles. The collective impact of these participants raising funds and spreading awareness to hundreds of thousands of people while promoting the Climate Ride cause is huge. So far, we've donated nearly $5 MILLION to our beneficiary network!


By donating to our Annual Fund campaign, you are supporting the Climate Ride cause and our work to inspire and provide unmatched opportunities for citizens to engage themselves in the most pressing issues of our time.

You can help us to bring positive, lasting change. Together, we can grow Climate Ride's global community and provide transformative experiences that inspire people to become environmental advocates and engaged citizens.


Climate Ride is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and all donations made to the Climate Ride Annual Fund are tax deductible.


We would like to recognize the donors who have contributed to the 2017 Annual Fund.

Thanks to these generous supporters for helping Climate Ride to achieve its mission! You can join them by making a contribution here.

Founders Circle: $10,000+

March Conservation Fund


Founders Circle: $5,000+

Tom and Teresa Quinn

Sarah Hreha

Sher Family Fund


Founders Circle: $1,000+

Brendan Gray

Emmett Foundation

Gary Justis

George Warrington

John Given

Kim Larson

Mark Wenzler

Michael H Kieschnick

Philip Vandaele

Roger Schwed

Sorenson Family Foundation


Breakaway Benefactor: $500-$999

Axel & Patricia

Evan O'Neil

Greg & Tish Laemmle

Jason and Sondra Fowler

Jesse Fink

Jim and Nancy Fleming

Lisa Drake


Peloton Pioneer: $150-$499

Anne Veldman

Barbara Larrain

Charles Malone

Charlotte Streck

Cynthia Silverthorn

Dan Leaverton

Dhana Inc.

Don 'Cam' Campbell

Emma-Louise Anderson

Greg Dalton

Greg and Maggie Schwed

John Blessing

John Wiley & Sons

Karl Danz

Louis Rosenthal

M. Maron

Matt O'Grady

Mike Mazzeo


Tommaso Boggia

Wendy Philleo

Phil Geyer

Alden Mudge

Andrew Loewinger

Christine Decker

D. Hughes

John Balbus

Kat Chen

Kelsey Wirth

Kevin, Sherry and Bailey Rast

Kim Larson

Lou Elsaesser

Parry Wilson

Renee and Laurence Smith

Rosalind Jackson

Scott Warner (Stormride California 2011)

Siegel family

Steve Dakin

The Hale Family

Vicki Woolworth



Friend of the Ride

Alix Cotumaccio
Ann from Wild Rivers Land Trust
Anne E Doyle
Arkin Tilt Architects
Barbara Schmidt-Bailey
Bee Jay Neums
Ben Sander
Beth Tiedemann
Bruce Catania
Catherine Bock
Chantal Hardy
Chris Hansen
Chris Wagoner
Chuck Shuster
Clair Lundberg
Clair Powers
Clare Waldmann
Colleen Young
Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project
Connie Croker
Cory vanGelder
Dan Edifice
Daryl Russ Mullee
David Coale
David Pontecorvo
Debra Coutin Block
Denny DiPaula
Derek Magee
Donna Whyte
Ed DeMeo
Emma-Louise Anderson
Erik Stolzer
Erin Fisher
Fixie Marc
GusTavo Adolfo Guerra Vásqiez
In loving memory of Susan Marsland, a true champion of diversity and my greatest supporter.
Israel B Coutin, MD
Jaeger / Skootsky
Jay Reighley
Jessica Albietz
Joanna Gubman
John Atchley
John Nishio
Josh Mooney
Julia Shepherd
Karin Griesbeck
Kate Williams
Ken and Susan
Kettlehouse Brewing Company
Kyle and Eileen
Laleh Jalilian
Laura J Gray
Laura Welch
Lisa A. Levine
Mark Wall
Mary Nell Armstrong
Megan Crider
Melody Mayer
Meriwether Hardie
Michele Marks
Millet Family
Mishal Thadani
Monica Heger
Nancy Bartoletto
Nathan Brennan
Nickolas Hawksley
Nola and Zion Brown
Nora Hipolito
NY Magic Soccer
Pam Cysner
Paul J. Farmer
Paul Shorb
Peter Brock
Peter Trolio
Ralph Rickard
Rebecca Norton
Rebecca W Monahan
Rose and Jake Cohen
Ruth B Moynihan
Sara Minard
Starr Hergenrather
Steve and Carole Mahoney
Susan and Michael Caraviello
Sustainable John
Team Andrew Schwartz
The Clifford Bar!
The Muscarella Family
Therese Dorau (Climate Ride NYC-DC 2011)
Tom Osborn
Tonia and Jay Goyal
Vinnie Caruso