Greg Laemmle with his custom Climate Ride bike

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Annual Fund

Since 2008, Climate Ride has inspired 2,300 people to ride and hike 641,000 miles for issues that they truly believe in. Climate Ride gives those who are concerned an opportunity to do something meaningful, an opportunity to make a difference, and a chance to experience something truly unique. We want to inspire the next 1,000 people but we need your help.


If you have supported a Climate Rider in the past or participated in one of our events, we encourage you to donate to our Annual Fund Campaign.  Here's what a few inspired individuals have to say about Climate Ride:

“The whole Climate Ride experience was transformative. I can't stop thinking about it; how lucky I am to have been a part of it.” Jeff Carpenter, Climate Rider

“This has been such an eye-opening and life-affirming experience for me, so I can't thank you enough for being a part of it with me and helping me along the way. You guys at Climate Ride are A-Class folks with a lot of heart. I'm really glad to have worked with such fantastic people for such a fantastic cause.” Lowell Meyer, Independent Challenger.

“The experience renewed my awareness of our precious natural resources and of the urgent need to protect them.” Lindsay Parker, Climate Hiker

When you donate now, you will help inspire the next wave of Climate Riders and Hikers.

Your donation will help us continue to motivate people to find their physical limits, to connect people to the natural world and to empower people to become philanthropists. You have been an integral part of this movement, but we need your continued support today!


Climate Ride is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations made to the Climate Ride annual fund are tax deductible.

2017 Donors

We would like to recognize the donors who have contributed to the 2017 Annual Fund.

Thanks to these generous supporters for helping Climate Ride to achieve its mission! You can join them by making a contribution here.


Founders Circle: $5,000

Tom and Teresa Quinn

Sarah Hreha


Founders Circle: $1,000

Philip Vandaele

Michael H Kieschnick


Breakaway Benefactor: $500-$999

Jason and Sondra Fowler


Peloton Pioneer: $150-$499

John Wiley & Sons

M. Maron


Friend of the Ride

Lisa A. Levine
Team Andrew Schwartz
The Muscarella Family
Pam Cysner
Steve and Carole Mahoney
Dan Edifice
Laleh Jalilian
Debra Coutin Block
Kettlehouse Brewing Company