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You can celebrate Earth Every Day by documenting and sharing a planet-loving project like cleaning up a local trailhead or a personal challenge. Stream yourself on your bike trainer. Make a YouTube video of your garden project. Share your story on Instagram as you visit places impacted by pollution on your bike. Stream a speed run of your favorite game.

Just make sure you spend some time letting people know climate change is a priority and they can help you take action by donating. Come up with something unique for you: stream a DND campaign or take a day to walk a hundred laps around your garden or spend a week volunteering – the challenge is up to you!

For more information, check out our toolkit here.

We encourage kids to sign up too! All you need to do is sign up and pick an activity that inspires and challenges you. There are no boundaries to what you can do. Need ideas? Check out our past Climate Rises here.

If you wish to fundraise for a particular beneficiary, you can select from our full list of more than 100 nonprofits that do the hard work of protecting the planet by registering with DonorDrive.

How will you Climate Rise?


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