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Sustainable Marin

Sustainable Marin Climate Ride beneficiary

The mission of Sustainable Marin is to advance sustainable principles in the County of Marin in the State of California with the goal to transform the region in the areas of environment, economics, and society into a sustainable community by the year 2040 and beyond.

Sustainable Marin promotes policies and practices in Marin County to:
1. Sustain our natural capital and environmental assets.
2. Bolster localized economic strength and independence,
3. Expand locally-owned green businesses and clean-tech jobs, and
4. Encourage community cooperation and social justice.

We do this through advocacy and outreach to community leaders and the public, and by educational events and community forums that inspire sustainability in Marin and its region. “Sustainability”, to us, means staying the course, surviving over the long term, maintaining our capacity to live well and improve our quality of life not only today but for generations to come. We are an all-volunteer, non-profit corporation, and we invite all Marinites to join our efforts.