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GRID Alternatives

GRID Alternatives’ mission is to empower communities in need by providing renewable energy and energy efficiency services, equipment and training. Using a barn-raising model, GRID Alternatives leads teams of job trainees and other volunteers to install solar electric systems for low-income homeowners, providing needed savings for families struggling to make ends meet, preparing workers for jobs in the fast-growing solar industry, and reducing carbon emissions. To date, we have installed over 3,800 solar PV systems for qualifying families. These systems combined will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 330,000 tons, while saving families more than $100M combined in energy costs. Funds from Climate Ride will support the expansion of our Solar Affordable Housing Program nationally – installing solar PV for low-income communities that are struggling with air pollution from traditional energy sources and also challenged with rising energy costs. GRID Alternatives currently serves the states of CA and CO, and with help from Climate Ride we will grow to serve NY/NJ in 2014 and additional states in the coming years. Our vision is a clean and just energy future for everyone!