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California Straw Building Association

California Straw Building Association’s (CASBA)mission is to further the practice of straw building by exchanging current information and practical experience, promoting and conducting research and testing, and making that body of knowledge available to working professionals and the public at large. CASBA is an all volunteer non-profit organization committed to straw bale building in California; providing information since 1996, education and a network of resources. Our members are architects, engineers, contractors, owner builders, and people interested and/or dedicated to straw building. CASBA’s Outreach Initiative aims to spread the word on straw-bale construction’s ability to sequester carbon as well as help create beautiful, high-performing and super-insulated buildings, to the point that the sequestered carbon is substantially more than the embodied carbon emissions. CASBA has helped to fund research and testing, and has supported projects in China and Mongolia, Haiti, and Pakistan.