Team CLIF doing the splits on their bikes in California

Start a Team

Bring Your Friends!

Fundraising, training, and participating with a team of your friends and family is a great way to experience Climate Ride. You and your teammates can put together a training schedule and keep each other motivated, create your own jerseys, and share the fun of the event.

You can also form Beneficiary Teams, dedicated to raising funds for one organization, or Corporate Teams, spotlighting the efforts of your company. Read through the tabs on this page to find out more about what kind of team is right for your organization or company.

If you are interested in starting a team, check out our Team Information Kit as well as our event descriptions. We can help you make it happen.

Have questions about starting or joining a team? Check out our "Teams" tab on the FAQ page. Still have questions? Email us at

Beneficiary Teams

Many Climate Ride beneficiaries form their own teams, who participate specifically to raise funds for that organization. Beneficiary teams are a great way to call attention to your cause, bring together your organization's staff and supporters, and of course, a great way to raise money. If you are a beneficiary and would like help setting up a team, contact us at

If you are interested in joining the team of one of the Climate Ride beneficiaries, you can view the list of beneficiary teams when you begin the registration process. The list will indicate whether they are open to the public. If a team is open, then you can click 'Join a Team' and continue with the registration process. If the team is open by invitation only, clicking ‘Join a Team’, will send an automatic email to the team captain for approval. Team rules are at the discretion of the team captain.

In registration, after you join a team, you're presented with a list of all the 100+ beneficiaries you can choose from. If you joined a beneficiary team, we suggest that you choose that beneficiary as your only beneficiary choice. Some beneficiary teams offer extra support, local rides, and fundraising incentives that they intend for riders who are fundraising primarily for their organization. If you join a beneficiary team and wish to select multiple beneficiaries, please email the team captain to inform them of your choice. The beneficiary team captain will determine if it is allowable.

Like any participant in Climate Ride, each individual on a beneficiary team must fulfill the fundraising minimum to participate in a Climate Ride event. If you wish to change teams or remove yourself from a team, please contact us at

Have more questions about starting or joining a team? Check out our "Teams" tab on the FAQ page.


Corporate Teams

Teams are a great way to involve colleagues and co-workers in supporting green causes. It’s also an effective method for companies and organizations to promote teamwork among employees.

We developed the Climate Ride Team Program because it brings fun, sense of pride, and collaborative effort that only comes from being part of a team. We provide materials, incentives and staff to help you form and motivate a team. All you need to do is recruit teammates who want to join the movement. It only takes one person to inspire your entire company - this is the idea behind the Climate Ride Team Program. It isn’t especially challenging, and can be very rewarding!


Choose a team name and a team captain, then register online. Create and customize your online team page (you can add photos, text, and links!). Each person who joins your team will receive their own personalized fundraising page that connects to your team page.


Your colleagues can register online and choose to join your team. Make a list of potential team members. Invite them to join you for the event. Set a date for a team recruitment event (popular ideas are ‘brown bag lunches’ in a conference room or happy hours). To grow your team, make it open to friends and colleagues and be sure to ask team members to invite their friends, family and/or co-workers to attend your gatherings!

Tip: Contact us and we’ll come to your office(s) to do an Information & Recruiting hour for colleagues to learn about the Climate Ride.  We can offer discounted registration to attendees. You can offer other incentives to attend.


• Publicize your team by posting Climate Ride flyers, postcards and posters at your office.

• Ask the executive staff at your company to endorse your team, either through a letter to staff or write-up in the company newsletter.  Invite them to join too!

• Encourage every team member to invite a family member, co-worker, or friend to join the team. It’s even more fun training and participating together.

• Schedule local training meet ups to get your team ready for the event.

• Plan a couple FUNdraising events together. Get creative and see what the team comes up with!

Here are 9 reasons why your company should have a team on Climate Ride:

1. Is your company or organization a sustainability leader? Showcase your sustainability or Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Your company can share and expand its CSR/sustainability success and leadership by joining the growing Climate Ride community. This grass-roots network includes hundreds of event participants, their supporters at home (more than 100,000 people have donated to Climate Ride), and expands beyond the actual event, with millions of media hits each year.

2. Make a measurable difference in your CSR efforts. By partnering with Climate Ride, your company can not only measure the audiences reached (participants, donors, supporters), but can also directly point to the impact made by the funds raised, and the ways in which your company helped Climate Ride's non-profit beneficiaries make a lasting difference.

3. Be associated with the nation’s largest environmental charitable sporting event. Since 2008, Climate Ride has become a premiere event in the eco-community. Supporting Climate Ride builds good will among a large audience of sustainably-minded individuals and businesses.

4. Keep content fresh and feature positive news. Keeping content current for the media and internal communications can be challenging. Climate Ride provides up-to-date and attention-grabbing content that team members can publish on your corporate blog, internal communications, Facebook, and Twitter to raise awareness of the team and share your dedication to CSR/sustainability. Through our personalized donation software and live online coverage of the rides, your team can be followed throughout the fundraising process, as well during the event itself.

5. Build your fanbase through shared experiences. Climate Ride is an intimate adventure. Teams associated with Climate Ride have a chance to build lasting relationships during the experience of riding 300 miles in 5 days (or hiking in National Parks). The Climate Ride community and the Climate Ride organization choose to include and promote organizations that are environmentally-conscious, focused on sustainability, or making an honest effort to improve their corporate social responsibility. Your team can connect with other participants in meaningful and personal ways during the event.

6. Increase team building among employees. Shared experiences work to the benefit of companies by increasing performance, wellness, and productivity among your team members, as well as their co-workers and supporters.

7. Give employees an opportunity to make a positive change toward a healthy lifestyle through cycling or hiking. Climate Ride is an exciting addition to employee wellness initiatives and programs. Cycling is not only a healthy and viable form of transportation, but it's also carbon-free!

8. Achieve increased visibility across the country. Climate Ride events travel hundreds of miles, through multiple towns and cities from coast to coast. A strong team with highly visible jerseys would not fail to make an impact as you travel these routes. Your employees and customers could also be recruited to cheer on the team along the route.

9. Partner with an organization that understands and matches your organization's vision to accelerate the shift toward a low-carbon economy. Climate Ride believes in changing companies from the inside through leadership in environmentally sustainable, socially responsible, and ethical business practices. Join an event to learn best practices from other riders and raise the bar for all companies.

Have more questions about starting or joining a team? Check out our "Teams" tab on the FAQ page.

Being a Captain

Being a team captain is a great honor! Being a captain can be as time intensive as you want it to be. At the most involved level, you are the manager, the team leader, the motivation and cheer squad, and the fundraising coach. You can organize training rides and group fundraisers, and even arrange for team transportation to the event. Most team captains end up being the point person for their team with the Climate Ride staff.

Team captains also have control over the team's fundraising page in our fundraising software. This includes being able to customize the team photo and team story, as well as track team fundraising success. There is a helpful section dedicated to team captains in the "Fundraising Dashboard User Guide and FAQ" document which can be downloaded from the 'Resources' section of your Fundraising Dashboard.

If you have any questions about being a captain, or want any tips or advice please reach out to us! If your team needs to change its captain for any reason, please let us know and we'll switch it over for you.