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NYC - DC Rider Bikes Across the Country to Support GRID Alternatives and Join Climate Ride

Emily Kern on September 19, 2016, 10:36 AM

Many Climate Riders have trained hard and traveled far to make it to this event, but probably none farther and harder than Michael Johnson-Chase.

Although Michael calls New York home, he has spent the last five months biking north through California and across the United States on his unsupported, trans-America GRID Alternatives Tour, which he created as part of Climate Ride’s Independent Challenge program. Michael is biking to support GRID Alternatives, a Climate Ride beneficiary that offers solar installations and workforce training in the solar field for homes, businesses, and affordable housing. 

By the end of Climate Ride NYC to DC, Michael will have visited all 11 of the GRID Alternatives' offices across the country, volunteered with 8 solar installations, raised over $3,000, and pedaled over 5,000 miles (including hundreds of miles across the deserts of the West in 100 degree heat!). We are so excited that Michael chose to finish the final leg of his tour with all of us on Climate Ride NYC-DC.

Congratulations, Michael! You can help Michael make an ever greater impact for GRID Alternatives by donating to his fundraising here.

Michael Johnson-Chase is a full-time climate activist, writer, and adventurer. He spends most of his year writing and touring by bicycle on his own “theme-based” tours that focus on renewable energy, fossil fuel development, and water issues. In the last year, he has completed a sea-level rise bike tour in Florida, a Pennsylvania fracking tour and was in Paris for the COP21. Learn more about his adventures on his blog carbonstories.org


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