Ambassador Network

Ambassador Network

Climate Ride Ambassadors are more than just participants; they are leading the charge towards a more sustainable future while helping Climate Ride shift into higher gear. Meet our Ambassadors below!

Climate Ride's Ambassador Network inspires future riders and creates outreach opportunities for various local groups and supporters.

Drawing on their personal experiences of participating in Climate Ride events, ambassadors motivate others who are curious to learn more about Climate Ride and share what to expect from fundraising, preparing for the ride, and how participating can be a life-changing and valuable experience. By sharing their extraordinary stories they help to engage people around the Climate Ride mission and expand the network of individuals and organizations who are a part of our community. 

Ambassadors of the Climate Ride Ambassador Network are previous participants and leaders who have shown a commitment to the Climate Ride mission in their personal and professional lives. They embody the culture of Climate Ride and work towards a more sustainable future, a stable climate, and better bicycling infrastructure.  Among our Ambassadors are sustainability leaders, innovative green architects, cross country cyclists, climate champions, and all around rockstars that help Climate Ride shift into a higher gear.

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Meet our Ambassadors

Image of Shamini Dhana

Shamini Dhana

Shamini Dhana is Founder and CEO of Dhana Inc., 2008, an award winning ethical and sustainable fashion brand connecting our youth to people and planet through the medium of fashion. Shamini has over 20 years of experience in international strategy, global operations, venture capital, business development, management and executive leadership. Shamini is a competitive athlete, a global traveler, philanthropist, and Associate Producer of "The True Cost" documentary, board member of the Ethical Fashion Forum and advisor to the global professional women’s network Ellevate. She is a seasoned public speaker with 20 years experience speaking on behalf of banks, government, non-profits, consulting, academia and entrepreneurship. Shamini earned her undergraduate degree in Economics, Philosophy, and Statistics from the National University of Singapore and holds a master’s in International Affairs from California State University Sacramento. 

Shamini has participated in Climate Rides in 2012, 2014, and 2015 as well as an Independent Challenge in 2016.

Image of David Coale

David Coale


David graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UCSB and worked in Silicon Valley for over 15 years. After this he worked in a small start up making controllers for electric vehicles. When this ended in 1999, David took some time off and volunteered for Bay Area Action and other non-profits until he took a job as building manager for the PCC, which houses eight environmental non-profits including Acterra.

As a volunteer at Acterra and its predecessor Bay Area Action, David has taught a variety of classes on Sustainable Living Series over the past 10 years. He has also been instrumental in the design of various energy programs at Acterra including Green@Home, ACTerra Green and Cool-It!. Historically, David ran the Electric Vehicle program and created the SUV Ticket campaign.

David also works as a solar PV consultant in addition to his job as a building manager.

He lives in Palo Alto, California and has participated in four California Climate Rides (2011,2012,2013,2014).

Image of David Marsland

David Marsland


"I love to bicycle and rode six "Go Greenbelt" 480 mile week-long rides around the SF Bay Area before joining Team Greenbelt for the Climate Ride.  I'm married with four sons and do technical training for a living.  I was active for years as Cool Cities San Jose co-leader for the Sierra Club.  I ride to support the Greenbelt Alliance, NRDC, the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, and the Sierra Club.  I can't wait to ride with my awesome Climate Ride friends again!" --David Marsland

David lives in San Jose, California but is originally from Woodbury, Conneticut. He has participated in four California Climate Rides since 2011.

Image of Brendan Gray (CRAN)

Brendan Gray (CRAN)


Brendan comes from Brooklyn, New York and is a devout New Yorker, cyclist, and street safety advocate.  He signed up for the Climate Ride in 2012 as a fitness challenge, and found the positive energy and advocacy work of others to be infectious. Upon returning to NYC he found himself energized to step us his cycling and safer streets advocacy work, especially with Transportation Alternatives. He returned to the NYC-DC ride in 2013, and was once agin a top ten fundraiser  As a Lighting Designer for corporate and special events, Brendan enjoys being able to travel and survey the offerings for cyclists and others across the country and around the world.  

Image of Laura DeBenedetto

Laura DeBenedetto


Laura got involved with Climate Ride in 2013 after a co-worker recommended the NYC-DC ride. She rode for the Boston Cyclists Union team in 2013 and 2014 and has since been counting down the days until the next Climate Ride. Being involved with Climate Ride has pushed her to become a more active member in the Boston bike advocacy community and has opened up a whole new network of courageous, passionate, and dedicated people who also happen to share her favorite mode of transportation. Originally from Columbus, New Jersey (and before that Brooklyn, NY), Laura lives in Somerville and works near the Boston seaport as a Project Manager for EnerNOC, an energy intelligence software company. She is a recent grad of Boston University.

Besides bikes, Laura loves marathons (currently training for #11), Twin Peaks, and Maine Coon cats (she has one named Henry). She lives in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Image of Ben Sander

Ben Sander


Ben Sander currently works for National Parks Conservation Association managing a travel program to offer the best in education travel to the National Parks. Ben has experienced and worked in ecotourism ventures in Costa Rica, Tanzania, Peru and Pohnpei, Micronesia which have guided his vision for the travel program. Furthermore, he conducted his research in Costa Rica at one of the first eco-lodges in the world, Rara Avis, which has since been published and Ben has spoken at a number of ecotourism focused conferences on his research. His passion for ecotourism also led him to be a tour guide in Washington DC offering bike tours of the national memorials as well as being a nature guide in Costa Rica.

He is also a bike advocate and commutes 15 miles round-trip a day as often as possible from his home in Brentwood, MD to work in downtown DC. He has gone beyond this bike commute to take part in Climate Ride the last two years to help raise awareness around climate change, bike advocacy, and national park protection.

Ben also is a big fan of soccer and tennis and is a season ticket holder with DC United. Although he has lived in the DC area on and off for 10 years Ben will always consider Wisconsin home and tries to return as often as he can.

Ben lives in Washington, D.C. and has participated in NYC-DC Climate Ride 2012 and 2013, California Climate Ride 2014, and Climate Hike Glacier 2015.

Image of Ethan Avey

Ethan Avey

Climate Ride Ambassador

Ethan is a participant on the first ever Climate Ride Death Valley and also rode in Climate Ride California San Francisco to Sacramento where he rode with team Bike East Bay. Ethan finds that Climate Ride is a great way to stay connected to climate change issues while working in the tech industry (Facebook, Twitter, Wag!)

He studied Conservation and Resource Studies at the College of Natural Resources (UC Berkeley) with a minor in the Energy and Resources Group (ERG). While at Berkeley, he was a Stoves Tester at the Darfur Stoves Project under Ashok Gadgil, measuring fuel consumption and emissions of cook stoves being disseminated to Darfur and Ethiopia. He also worked at the Miguel Altieri Lab, researching agroecological approaches that break vineyard monoculture to enhance biological control of pests.

Ethan rides a Salsa, and also loves chips and salsa.

Image of Renee Callahan

Renee Callahan


Renee is a dedicated Climate Ride ambassador and writes, "I did the Glacier climate hike in 2014 and loved, loved, loved it and love, love, love the idea of raising awareness about climate change while empowering alternative transportation. Although it may seem like a stretch, this work benefits one of my primary professional goals: making our roads safer for wildlife."