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Why Do You Climate Ride?

Over the past six years and eight rides, Climate Ride has engaged thousands of people in raising money and awareness for people-powered solutions to climate change and a new energy economy. Our riders come from all walks of life, from more than 30 states, and with ages ranging from 12 to 82. They are professionals, students, scientists, activists, executives, athletes, and ordinary citizens. So what has inspired such a diverse group of people to saddle up and ride over 300 miles through sun and wind and rain and fog, over hills and through forests, up mountains and back down again?

As we prepare to take the first pedal strokes on Climate Ride California 2013 – our 4th annual California ride – we are taking a moment to reflect on and celebrate the many reasons that bring this inspiring group of people together every year to challenge themselves, support causes they believe in, and co-create a positive movement for a sustainable and thriving future.

Check out why past riders have joined Climate Ride!

Particularly as the CO2 concentration in our atmosphere inches above 400 parts-per-million for the first time in eons, we are reminded how much work remains to be done to shift our economies, energy infrastructure, and transportation systems towards more sustainable and regenerative practices. Yet, thanks to the passion and resilience of the more than 50 Climate Ride beneficiary organizations, so much has already been achieved in recent years to create viable and sustainable alternatives – from community-supported renewable energy projects to sustainable business development to climate activism to sustainable transportation and bicycle infrastructure. When you look around, there are solutions everywhere!


Just as we are entering a completely new geological epoch brought about by increasing carbon emissions, we are also in the midst of a flourishing of creative and innovative paths forward. Climate Riders are consistently at the forefront of this emerging movement, working to both create a new future and tell a new positive story of how we do it. And if there is a more fun way to change the world than joining 130 other awesome and inspiring people on a 320-mile climate conference on wheels, we don’t know about it!

As Climate Ride board member and five-time Climate Rider Josh Lasky says, “I think the sustainability movement has effectively shifted the focus towards something much more positive, much more compelling that people want to be a part of. Climate Ride, for me, embodies that spirit.…that’s why I keep riding on Climate Ride!“

To all past, present and future riders: Why do you Climate Ride?