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Northeast Climate Rider Spotlight – Corinne Michaud is back!

Corinne Michaud first joined us on the 2014 California Climate Ride. This year, she jumped at the opportunity to ride from Bar Harbor, where she currently works and lives, to her childhood home north of Boston on Climate Ride Northeast.

Back in 2014, Corinne chose the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) as her beneficiary. This year, working as a wildlife biologist in Acadia National Park, she feels even more inspired to support NPCA again. “When I moved West, I used all my free time to get out on public land and explore the National Parks. I chose NPCA [in 2014] because it aligned the most with my values and interests. Now, working for the Park, I have seen the work NPCA does and feel even more connected to support their cause.”

Corinne studies several cave-dwelling species of bats, including the federally threatened Northern Long-Eared. Because bats are most active at night, she works noon to midnight and doesn’t mind the atypical schedule. “It has allowed me to see a lot of great sunsets over the park,” Corinne says.

Working so closely with nature, Corinne encourages everyone to take the time to get out and appreciate nature. She explains, “I’ve found in my line of work, sometimes it can be controversial to spend a lot of money on research about nature, and bats specifically, but I’ve also seen that getting outside, whatever you do, brings people together.” 

Learn more about Corinne’s motivations for joining Climate Ride and donate to her fundraising efforts here.