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The Next Six: Meet the Nominees for Environmental Justice Action Grants

The Next Six: Meet the nominees for Climate Ride’s Environmental Justice Action Grants

We received nearly 50 nominations from our community for this new grants program. Over the next few weeks, we’ll highlight these nominees. We want to share these nominations to inform the Climate Ride community and raise the visibility of organizations and people working to fight systemic racism, making progress on environmental and social justice, and providing better accessibility to the outdoors for those who experience barriers on a daily basis. We hope that from these lists of nominees you will find organizations that you can connect with, donate to, or amplify. In May, Climate Ride will issue $5,000 grants to four organizations for a total of $20,000 and begin an Environmental Justice Action Fund to continue these grants. (See the first six organizations highlighted here.)

WE ACT for Environmental Justice

“WE ACT achieves its mission by accomplishing a clear set of goals linked to major issues impacting health and environmental justice. WE ACT lifts the voices of low-income, communities of color through their work on: climate justice, clean air, good jobs, healthy homes, and sustainable and equitable land use.” Learn more >  

Syatt (See You at the Top)


“Syatt recognizes the adverse legacy people of color have faced in America. It is their vision that youth and adults experience a world where they know they belong and feel empowered. Syatt’s Mission is to support its community through culturally relevant programming in the natural and built environment, where youth and adults experience relief leading to life-changing transformation.” Learn more >   

Amy D. Foundation

“The Amy D. Foundation is a nonprofit organization created in honor of Amy Alison Dombroski, whose love for cycling and life touched many people around the world. The Amy D. Foundation encourages and supports young women through cycling, inspiring the celebration of healthy challenge and empowering the confident pursuit of lofty dreams.” Learn more > 

Neighborhood Bike Works

“Neighborhood Bike Works inspires youth and strengthens Philadelphia communities by providing equitable access to bicycling and bike repair through education, recreation, leadership, and career-building opportunities.” Learn more > 

Rocking the Boat

“Rocking the Boat engages over 200 teens per year in a series of STEM-based programs that last throughout their high school careers and into college. Participants enter as freshmen and sophomores and choose from one of three programs: Boatbuilding, Environmental Science, or Sailing. They move from being students to paid apprentices to alumni once they graduate high school, at which point they are eligible to work part-time for Rocking the Boat as Program Assistants.”   Learn more > 

Front and Centered

“Communities of color, people with lower incomes, and indigenous people are on the frontlines of climate and environmental change. We are hit first by extraction, pollution, and climate change, which makes existing health and economic disparities worse. Yet frontline communities are often left out of or are the last to be included in the transition to a healthy, resilient and sustainable future.” Learn more >