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The Life-changing Magic of Climate Ride Bhutan

In April 2024, Climate Ride returned to the carbon-negative kingdom of Bhutan for a six-day adventure featuring cycling, hiking, and rafting. Participants described the event as profoundly impactful and inspiring, as they immersed themselves in the stunning Himalayan landscapes, guided by knowledgeable locals through cultural explorations. Scroll down to learn more about their experience.

The event will return in Autumn 2025. Learn more here.

From Patrick Colleran, Climate Ride’s Operations Manager

Dear Riders,

This trip taught us so much. Bhutan is unlike any place I’ve ever been, and sharing it with 20 amazing, smart, and dedicated people made it even more special. Our chats during meals or while biking, both with each other and with our Bhutanese guides, really deepened our experience. Now that I’m back home, I feel more compassionate and have a clearer understanding of what it takes to be truly happy. I hope you all feel the same way. Thanks for coming along on this incredible adventure. We have a lot to do for our planet, but I’m confident we can find the motivation to better ourselves, and to be of service to people around the world. I couldn’t ask for a better crew to sing with, meditate in temples with, or climb endless stairs with.

Until we ride again,


From Tshering Dorji, Team Leader, Bhutan Scenic Tours

It is always a matter of immense honor and great opportunity for the Climate Ride – Bhutan Crew to be able to play a small part with the Climate Ride. We cannot express how fulfilling it was for me and our team to be able to showcase/share various aspects of our small kingdom, the visible impact of climate change and how this is causing havoc in a carbon-negative country, and most importantly the sacred responsibility of curating travel experiences/immersions, and being able to be a part of everyone’s memories, after all todays wonderful moments are tomorrows beautiful memories.

The successful week is also a testimony of the karmic (cause and effect) connections among all the Climate Ride participants, respect for each other, camaraderie among all the participants/crew and our common concern/respect for mother earth. I have nothing but respect for everyone and tip my bike helmet in admiration and gratitude to each and every Climate Rider who are doing virtuous deeds and making a difference for our planet and global village, one step at a time and a pedal stroke at a time.” 

Hear from our riders…

“This was my first Climate Ride, and I was really impressed. Climate Ride is a super lean organization, with a spirited, professional team, and the Climate Ride in Bhutan introduced me to many wonderful, like-minded new friends.” – Alex Levinson

“Our Climate Ride in Bhutan was one of the more memorable experiences that I have had. We were able to experience a wonderful and interesting place with great co-participants and a great guide. Bhutan is an interesting place with an inherent compassion and kindness which was a perfect atmosphere for our group which was also compassionate and kind. Thank you, Climate Ride, for a wonderful experience.” – Jon Wallenstrom

“Climate Ride Bhutan is one of the best Climate Ride events available. The combination of cycling and hiking (and even whitewater rafting) is perfect to explore Bhutan. The Bhutanese guides are some of the best Climate Ride event guides I have ever experienced. This is the “bucket list” Climate Ride event.” – Gary Justis