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Tag: Climate Hope

Wild Tomorrow Fund In Action
May 8, 2024
Wild Tomorrow Fund “We have been blown away by Climate Ride and are so very excited about our partnership and all of their hard work to support environmental causes like ours.” Total Climate Ride Grant: $387,320 Activities Saving Wild Spaces | Wild Tomorrow Fund is working to protect, restore and re-wild a critically important wildlife […]
The Climate Center in Action
September 6, 2023
The Climate Center Total Climate Ride Grant: $384,180.05 Activities Phasing Out Fossil Fuels | The Climate Center is creating a California free from the toxic impacts of fossil fuels. One where Californians power their homes and cars with clean energy, live in walkable communities and have access to clean public transport and bike-friendly streets.  Clean Energy […]
Climate Courage Tour – Mindfulness and Ammonia
September 15, 2021
Dave Morris is riding from Missoula, Montana to the United Nations Climate Conference of Parties in Glasgow, Scotland (COP26).  He’s collecting stories and thoughts on climate change along the way so that he can share them with leaders at COP26. You can answer a set of questions to share your views on climate here and […]
Michael Bell’s Climate Ride to Remember
August 27, 2021
Michael Bell commuted by bike for most of his career. During that time, his longest ride tended to be about 25 miles round trip. Then he took early retirement and became a caregiver for his wife who was progressively succumbing to Alzheimer’s. Riding became his ‘time for himself’. Soon, he was riding 5,000 to 8,000 […]
Mimi Torres is taking on a new challenge!
May 14, 2021
A lifelong environmentalist, Mimi Torres has never owned a car, and she never will. In 2005, she was car shopping for her first vehicle when she realized owning a car didn’t resonate with her. Instead, she commuted by walking and bussing for a couple of years and then got a bike and she hasn’t turned […]
Phoebe Moore riding to fight climate despair
September 10, 2019
Meet Phoebe Moore, the captain of Team Moms Biking Off Steam. She is a clinical psychologist who specializes in anxiety disorders in children, teen, and adults. She has been deeply concerned about climate change and knows that we all need to take action. As a mom and child psychologist, she has chosen to take on […]
A Tribute to Mike Nagy, Climate Rider, who will ride with us in spirit
August 27, 2019
Recently, we very suddenly lost a beloved Climate Rider to cancer. Mike Nagy was planning to join us on the Bar Harbor to Boston Ride this fall. Mike was kind and always had a smile. We were fortunate to ride with him in 2017 on the Blue Ridge to Washington DC Ride and again in […]
Catherine Bock
June 13, 2019
Climate Ride California Central Coast will be Catherine Bock’s 11th evet in 9 years. What keeps her coming back? She says that in part, it’s the inspiring people she’s met. Also, the rides prepare her to continue her climate activism, something she has been committed to She committed to preserving nature after reading Rachel Carson’s […]
Friends of Acadia
May 14, 2019
Courtesy of Friends of Acadia. Take a few minutes to talk to Stephanie Clement and her love for Acadia shines out at you. She feels “lucky to be a part of such a group who all give back with financial resources or volunteering to a park they love. It makes for a unique experience.” That’s […]
Meet Quintin Mecke on Climate Ride Bears Ears
May 2, 2019
We caught up with Quintin Mecke, who is embarking on his second Climate Ride mountain biking tour this year! Hey Q, why did you sign up? “How could I not participate? 🙂 I love cycling, I love people, I love the planet and I am a firm believer that actions (especially when on two wheels!) […]
Bears Ears and the Importance of Purpose
May 2, 2019
For Molly Bosted, the memory of her son Nelson inspired her to participate in Climate Ride Bear Ears. When he passed away in November of 2017, she made a silent pledge to live a meaningful life in his name. A few years before, he had taken a road trip through Moab and visited Arches National […]
Meet Suzanne Baxter, the artist behind our 2019 Climate Ride jersey
March 14, 2019
For our 2019 Climate Ride jersey, we decided to try something new for Climate Ride and go with an original design by artist Suzanne Baxter. Baxter is a lifelong artist who has also worked in advertising. Her geometric shapes felt like a natural fit to us, and when we added them to a jersey, we […]