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Tag: Climate Change

There is no better time than now. Let’s rise for environmental justice.
June 29, 2020
Now more than ever is the time to take a bold path. “Environmental injustice, including the proliferation of climate change, has a disproportionate impact on communities of color and low-income communities in the United States and around the world. Race – even more than class – is the number one indicator for the placement of […]
Bike East Bay in Action
April 28, 2020
Mission Bike East Bay promotes healthy, sustainable communities by making bicycling safe, fun and accessible. They improve cycling through advocacy, education, and fun events. Because of Bike East Bay, the East Bay is a leader for innovative and accessible bikeways and streets that meet the needs of all users. They ensure cycling stays a mainstream, […]
Rise for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
April 3, 2020
  SFBC Staff hang outs pre COVID 19. SF Bicycle Coalition are still hard at work fighting on behalf of cyclists in San Francisco. While they are all following the shelter in place guidelines, their bicycle advocacy doesn’t stop. City Hall meetings continue on, protected bike lanes can still be approved, and their community organizers […]
A Tribute to Mike Nagy, Climate Rider, who will ride with us in spirit
August 27, 2019
Recently, we very suddenly lost a beloved Climate Rider to cancer. Mike Nagy was planning to join us on the Bar Harbor to Boston Ride this fall. Mike was kind and always had a smile. We were fortunate to ride with him in 2017 on the Blue Ridge to Washington DC Ride and again in […]
Catherine Bock
June 13, 2019
Climate Ride California Central Coast will be Catherine Bock’s 11th evet in 9 years. What keeps her coming back? She says that in part, it’s the inspiring people she’s met. Also, the rides prepare her to continue her climate activism, something she has been committed to She committed to preserving nature after reading Rachel Carson’s […]
Friends of Acadia
May 14, 2019
Courtesy of Friends of Acadia. Take a few minutes to talk to Stephanie Clement and her love for Acadia shines out at you. She feels “lucky to be a part of such a group who all give back with financial resources or volunteering to a park they love. It makes for a unique experience.” That’s […]
Meet Quintin Mecke on Climate Ride Bears Ears
May 2, 2019
We caught up with Quintin Mecke, who is embarking on his second Climate Ride mountain biking tour this year! Hey Q, why did you sign up? “How could I not participate? 🙂 I love cycling, I love people, I love the planet and I am a firm believer that actions (especially when on two wheels!) […]
Bears Ears and the Importance of Purpose
May 2, 2019
For Molly Bosted, the memory of her son Nelson inspired her to participate in Climate Ride Bear Ears. When he passed away in November of 2017, she made a silent pledge to live a meaningful life in his name. A few years before, he had taken a road trip through Moab and visited Arches National […]
Running for the Planet
April 22, 2019
Julie Sigoloff’s love of nature started early at summer camp. Unlike most campers though, she had the fortune of growing up in a family who owns Camp Thunderbird in Bemidji, Minnesota beside Lake Plantagenet. Her time there laid the seed for a life-long connection to the environment and her commitment to take action on climate […]
Robert Vogel is riding for his life
April 10, 2019
Robert Vogel’s story is about riding for health – both his own personal health and the health of the planet. Personally, Robert finds that cycling seems to be helping him beat cancer – he’s now surpassed the mortality statistics for more than 15 months. For the planet, he likes to believe that the way we tend […]
Meet Suzanne Baxter, the artist behind our 2019 Climate Ride jersey
March 14, 2019
For our 2019 Climate Ride jersey, we decided to try something new for Climate Ride and go with an original design by artist Suzanne Baxter. Baxter is a lifelong artist who has also worked in advertising. Her geometric shapes felt like a natural fit to us, and when we added them to a jersey, we […]
Andrew Loewinger is pushing through the Delaware hills to Climate Ride Cuba!
March 13, 2019
Andrew Loewinger has three sons and is thinking of the world he wants them to live in whenever he decides to do another Climate Ride. He’s about to take on that challenge for the fifth time, on Climate Ride Cuba, because he truly believes that environmental challenges are among the greatest threats to our planet […]