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Shamini Dhana – Creating Change Through Action

In September 2012, Shamini Dhana joined us for Climate Ride California. She has since referred to the experience as “one of the greatest adventures of [her] life.” Not only did she meet some of the most passionate people who cared about the issues, she discovered there is work being done behind the scenes, across the globe, by hundreds of non-profit organizations related to sustainability.

The experience propelled her to explore a long-term approach to life, where we can change the way we think, buy, eat and act to ensure a sustainable future. Two years later she’s back for her second ride, this time in California Wine Country. Learn why this responsible business leader is pedaling again and how she brings awareness to issues surrounding climate change as a part of her daily work life.

Why are you riding in Climate Ride?

Shamini Dhana

“I’m ‘Pedaling for Planet Earth’. We all stand connected in the one place we call home ­­– Planet Earth ­– not just people all over the globe, we live in harmony with nature, plants, animals, insects and all life forms. Every action we take creates a reaction and being conscious of our choices is a simple yet powerful thing. We must pass this onto our kids and the leaders of tomorrow. I’m pedaling for our next generation so that they will have the earth, the natural playground, that we have today. I’m pedaling to bring more awareness to the issues surrounding sustainability and how biking can not only empower kids to exercise but to learn the connection between biking, conservation of energy and making a difference with every day actions.”

Which organizations are you supporting and why?

“I’m part of ‘Team B the Change which supports the B Lab. The company I founded and run, Dhana, is a Certified B Corp. We believe that business can be a force of nature and good for the world. We can collectively do ourpart to improve lives along the way as we strive towards a sustainable future and solve the social and environmental challenges today.”

How are you preparing for the ride?

“Biking 50 to 100 miles a week prepares me for the physical aspect of the ride. But it’s fun to get out of the bike! I get to witness the colors of spring and embrace the beauty of nature along the ride. It’s one of the greatest gifts to be out bike riding.  As I bicycle, I stop along the way to take photos of our natural world, to share it with others through social media. We’re launching a series called the Gift of Nature as part of my company’s message so I’m able to write about the experiences I have on my bike.

In addition, I’m speaking on April 9th about “Creating Change Through Action” as part of an event hosted by the 85 Broads San Francisco Chapter. In doing so, I’m sharing how each one of us as conscious humans can “walk-our-talk” and create change through simple steps and influence others to do the same. I’ll share my experience with Climate Ride as well as my role as CEO of a Certified B Corp.

Lastly, I’ve created postcards to promote my fundraising campaign to my networks in an effort to provide as much financial support to B Lab as I can and involve others in the movement. And, if you shop at Dhana on Earth Day (April 22nd) 50% of sales will go toward my fundraising efforts!”