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Rider Spotlight: Jessica Pollitz

Jessica is a civil engineer in Napa County working to help make wineries and residences more water efficient. She has worked on several rainwater harvesting projects and with the California Alternative Water Source group working to solve where California gets water and how to do it sustainably.

Since college, Jessica has volunteered with Engineers Without Borders and is preparing to travel to Peru this summer to help build the third rainwater harvesting system for a village school in the Peruvian Amazon. “This will provide clean drinking water and better sanitation for everyone in the village,” Jessica explains. “Since we’ve built our first two systems, a few years ago, the schools have seen an almost 100% reduction in absences due to water-born illnesses.”

Jessica also revealed to Climate Ride that she is known to shout, “I love my granny gear!” while climbing hills.

Keep an ear and an eye out for this awesome Climate Rider!