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Dear Participants,

We hope this message finds you well and excited about our upcoming event! As part of our commitment to building meaningful connections and facilitating productive conversations about the future of our planet, we have some guidelines for how participants can help us nurture a positive and inclusive atmosphere at our events.

At Climate Ride, we recognize the importance of environmental consciousness and the impact our collective efforts can have on addressing the challenges facing our planet. We appreciate the passion and concern our participants share for the environment and we believe a supportive community involves respecting diverse perspectives and approaches to environmental responsibility.

Thousands of people come to Climate Ride to get involved in fundraising for many causes including bike/ped advocacy, clean energy, conservation, social justice, and climate solutions. Given the imbalance in funding and charitable giving for these efforts relative to other causes, we are focused on growing the number of people who feel engaged and comfortable in our community.

Additionally, there are inequalities and differences in what we can do personally depending on income, access, and location. What may work in California may not work in South Dakota, and vice versa. Our goal is to help people on their journey to care for our planet, and that journey takes many different paths.

Climate shaming, or any form of singling out individuals based on their environmental practices, can create a negative and divisive atmosphere. Our events aim to unite people, inspire positive change, and encourage collaboration and collective action. We want everyone to feel comfortable participating without fear of judgment.

We are a community that attracts participants from all levels of engagement to the environmental crisis. You might be a bike commuter with a plant-based diet looking to direct more funding to bike advocacy. Or a person with a sense of adventure who is new to environmental action but wants to participate in an event and join a community of people who lift each other up. You may be new to cycling and wish to seek out a new form of travel. One person may feel passionate about reducing their personal carbon footprint, while another person may be more concerned about specific policy changes, and yet another person may be joining Climate Ride for an entirely different reason. 

Whatever your perspective, we encourage open dialogue and sharing ideas related to viable sustainable practices. If you have suggestions for how we can collectively reduce our environmental footprint or improve our events in this regard, please reach out to us directly.

As always, let’s celebrate our shared commitment to a sustainable future in a way that unites rather than divides. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We can’t wait to see you!

Wishing you tailwinds,

The CR Team