Meet the nominees for Climate Ride’s Environmental Justice Action Grants.

So far, we’ve received nearly 50 nominations for grants. Over the next few weeks, we’ll highlight these nominees. We want to share these nominations to inform the Climate Ride community and raise the visibility of organizations and people working to fight systemic racism, making progress on environmental and social justice, and providing better accessibility to the outdoors for those who experience barriers on a daily basis. We hope that you will find organizations that you can connect with, donate to, or amplify. At the end of April, Climate Ride will issue $5,000 grants to four organizations.

If you would like to nominate an organization, you can do so by April 1, 2021, at this link.

Pueblo Action Alliance


“Pueblo Action Alliance is a community-driven organization that promotes cultural sustainability and community defense by addressing environmental and social impacts in Indigenous communities.”

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Outdoor Afro


“Outdoor Afro has become the nation’s leading, cutting edge network that celebrates and inspires Black connections and leadership in nature. We are a national not for profit organization with leadership networks around the country. With more than 80 leaders in 42 cities around the country, we connect thousands of people to nature experiences, who are changing the face of conservation. So come out in nature with us, or be a partner to help us grow our work so that we can help lead the way for inclusion in outdoor recreation, nature, and conservation for all!”

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“Uplift connects, trains, and mobilizes young people for climate justice.”

“Across the Colorado Plateau and greater Southwest, we see the beginnings of climate catastrophe such as megadrought and deadly wildfires. The air in our cities has become unbreathable, our forests are burning, and our river beds are drying. We do not know if the places we call home will remain livable and healthy. Indigenous, Black, brown, rural, queer, disabled, and low income communities are on the front lines of climate disaster.”

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Cycles of Change


“Cycles of Change improves the health and sustainability of East Oakland neighborhoods by increasing the use of bicycles as transportation. We broaden access to biking in low-income communities of color through education programs and low cost or free resources, connecting youth with the extraordinary living ecosystems of our local area and building a diverse community of visionary young leaders.”

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Louisiana Bucket Brigade


“Louisiana Bucket Brigade on a mission to end the petrochemical industry’s destruction of Louisiana. ”

“In Louisiana, pollution makes us sick. Greenhouse gas emissions are intensifying and accelerating climate change, storms and coastal land loss. The oil and gas infrastructure damages our precious wetlands. And constant petrochemical industry expansion continues to wipe historic African American communities off the map. Our work supports grassroots action to create informed, sustainable communities free from industrial pollution. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped residents and community leaders amplify their voices and protect their health, their homes and their way of life. By hastening the transition away from fossil fuels, we’re working to create a more livable state for everyone in Louisiana.”

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Native Sun

“Native Sun a native-led non-profit that promotes renewable energy, energy efficiency and a just energy transition through education, workforce training and demonstration.”

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