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Meet Kate Williams, CEO of 1% for the Planet, hiking with her daughter on Glacier Hike 2016

Kate Williams, CEO of 1% for the Planet, is participating in Glacier Hike this August 3-7, 2016. We interviewed Kate about her motivation to participate in events organized by Climate Ride and what inspired her to hike with her daughter through Glacier National Park.

Hiking at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park on Glacier Hike

Why did you decide to become a part of Climate Hike? 
“Anneka and I both care deeply about the environment and love getting outside under our own power.  Our family trips have mostly been outdoor adventures: paddling on Maine rivers, hiking in our backyard mountains in Vermont, Nordic skiing in Vermont and Canada.  The opportunity to share an activity we love while making a difference for the planet couldn’t be more perfect for us.” 

Kate and Anneka

What inspired you to ride?
“Professionally, my life’s work has been in the environmental sector, and in my current role as CEO of 1% for the Planet I’ve had the opportunity to learn a great deal about both the challenges and the opportunities we face around the issue of climate change.  Anneka has also been a leader on environmental issues at her school, co-founding a Sustainability Club, securing the donation of an EV charging station in the school parking lot, and much more.  We are both raising funds for 1% for the Planet.  We believe that the intersection of businesses, nonprofits, and environmental solutions is a really important and exciting arena for positive action on environmental issues like climate change.”

Can you tell us about a recent project or interview that illustrates the impact of your work? 
“The 1% for the Planet network is accomplishing impact around the globe.  Our 2015 Annual Report provides a great summary of what we have accomplished recently.”

Tipi Camp on Glacier Hike where the Great Plains meet the mountains of Glacier National Park

Did you receive a donation you weren’t expecting?
“I received some amazing donations from member companies – so honored by their commitment and support.  And Anneka received donations from friends and family that really mean a lot.  I guess neither of us feel that we can ever expect support – each donation feels both earned, and like a total honor.  We are so grateful to all of our donors – they will be with us in spirit on the hike, and they will be making a difference to the important work of addressing climate change!”

Did you have any special challenges and/or breakthroughs while preparing for Climate Hike?
“Both of us are pretty active people, so I think what strikes us most is how it feels different and more powerful to commit to a physical challenge for a greater cause.  Talk about energizing!  We are so thrilled to be able to be change makers while enjoying the beauty of Glacier National Park and the pleasure of doing so together.”

What is one thing that you would tell the world if everyone could hear you?    
“Little things count and connecting with others is powerful.  It can feel overwhelming to contemplate the many complex environmental, social, and economic challenges we face at this time in history.  There is no uber solution.  But every day, we can make small choices and we can learn with each other how to accomplish even more positive change.  There’s deep power in small steps taken together.

Thank you for the opportunity you’ve created for so many people to hike and ride together for such an important cause!”

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Hiking Piegan Pass in Glacier National Park on Glacier Hike (photo: Ryan Valdez)