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Meet Climate Rider Samuel Schuchat

At the California State Coastal Conservancy where Sam Schuchat works, they are helping Californians prepare for the effects of climate change that will happen no matter what we do about curbing emissions during the next 100 years. Spending time pondering mass extinctions and multiple feet of sea level rise can get a bit depressing, so raising money for organizations that are actively fighting climate change and cycling are two of Sam’s coping mechanisms.

This is Sam’s second Climate Ride and he has chosen two beneficiaries this time. Marine Applied Research & Exploration (MARE) is a California-based nonprofit that studies coastal waters and has been very involved in the creation of California’s Marine Protected Areas. “We are putting so much CO2 into the air that it is causing the world’s oceans to become more acidic, with all kinds of potentially deleterious future consequences,” he says.

His other chosen beneficiary is Bike East Bay – which promotes healthy, sustainable communities by making bicycling safe, fun, and accessible. Because he lives, works and bikes a lot in the East Bay, he thinks of them as his home team, making his ride better every day.

“One of the ironies about being a conservation professional is that I don’t get outside as often as I might like,” he says. “California’s coastline is magnificent, and I am looking forward to being immersed in it again it for five days!”

On top of the good cause, great scenery, fabulous riding, and great support from the Climate Ride staff, Sam is looking forward to reconnecting with 150 or so like-minded, generous, and interesting people as we make our way down the coast.

Welcome back Sam!