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Meet Climate Rider Carrie Ungerman from Team LACBC

Carrie Ungerman has been considering a big ride for several years and decided Climate Ride was the perfect fit. “Riding a bike and championing the environment have been big parts of my life for as long as I can remember. My dad taught me how to ride and once the training wheels came off, I went everywhere.”

Carrie is riding for Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition and is excited to raise money and awareness for both bike advocacy and the environment.

“LACBC unites the diverse bicycling community to improve the bicycling environment and quality of life for the entire region,” she points out. “Their vision is to improve the bike infrastructure in Los Angeles, so that all cyclists–low-income, commuter, recreational, families, and women–can safely navigate LA County streets. As they work to make the county safer for people who ride a bike and walk, Los Angeles just keeps getting better!”

Carrie adds, “There are so many environmental issues to contend with close to home and globally. We each have to choose for ourselves how we will make a difference. I’m excited to ride with the Climate Ride gang!”

The Climate Ride gang is excited to have you in our ranks Carrie!