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In Memoriam Allison Smith

We’d like to honor the memory of one of our favorite Climate Riders, Allison Smith, who was involved in a car accident with another car in New Hampshire last year that took her life at the age of 31. Allison completed several Climate Rides and worked as an analyst with the New England States Committee on Electricity (NEWCOE) where she focused on forward-thinking energy solutions.

Allison learned about Climate Ride when she was looking for an event that would raise awareness of climate change issues as well as raise money for great causes. In 2008, Allison participated in our first-ever Climate Ride from NYC to DC. She was inspired and carried that enthusiasm home to her friend Heather Lisle. Heather was caught up in Allison’s zeal, and immediately said “Next year, I’m in!” She was the first of many riders that Allison welcomed into our community.

After the accident, a group of Allison’s friends were sharing stories and decided to form Team Awesome for Allison. The team is made up of Allison’s friends, all from different walks of life, and who, in some cases, have never even met each other. They are a beautiful and fitting tribute to this amazing woman.

All of us at Climate Ride honor the memory of Allison, and celebrate her life as we ride through Portsmouth where she lived. Allison’s life may have ended, her spirit lives on.

“Allison is a four-time rider of the Climate Ride. Her first ride was in 2008, the inaugural year of Climate Ride on the route from NYC to DC.  It was such an inspiring experience that she rode four more years in 2009, 2010 in California, and 2011 each year bringing more friends along for the ride. Allison is an avid cyclist and cycling advocate in her community of Portsmouth, NH.  She is very excited to see Climate Ride coming through her town in 2015. Allison works in the electric power industry helping to improve the climate by advancing clean energy policies in New England.”  — Allison Smith’s Climate Ride Ambassador biography on January 2015

“I cannot think of a time hanging out with Allison when she wasn’t smiling, bouncing and adding joy. If there’s a kind of gal you want alongside you on the road, the trail and the journey, Allison was that kind. Heading up to Moosilauke tomorrow to ski a trail or two and you, my friend, will be in our minds and hearts. I will be very sad but also happy to be in a place you loved. I will do my best to follow the trail you’ve blazed and carry the torch onward, always towards Awesome, with a big smile.” — Rosi Kerr

Allison Smith – you’ll never know how your support over the years propelled us forward. You are so smart, intrepid and always a good friend to all of us. Riding with you was an honor and you will forever be the foundation of the Climate Ride community — the very beginning — the 2008 crew. You, Lucy and Vanessa have our hearts. Our love to your families. Ride on beautiful woman. — Caeli Quinn

“Allison burst into my life when we were in our early twenties living in Boston. She had an outgoing and uniquely playful nature to her. Her energy was electric and never-ending. Allison loved going up to people she didn’t know and introducing herself. She touched the souls of those she met. She tended to say exactly what was on her mind, leading to countless interesting conversations, lots of laughs, some embarrassing moments, and many, many deeply heartfelt friendships. Climate Ride was naturally one of Allison’s happy places. Watching her on the rides always reminded me of watching an excited puppy playing, practically doing laps around other riders as she jumped around riding with everybody. So, the next time you find yourself struggling up a hill and having to dig deep, pay attention, and you might just find that Al is giving you that extra “Allison” boost.” — Heather Lisle

A devoted wife, daughter, sister, and friend, Allison died tragically in an auto accident on February 12th in Milton, NH. She was 31. Her spirit is carried on by her wife, Lucy Pollard of Portsmouth, NH, her loving parents, Renee and Laurence Smith of Harrisonville, MO, and sister, Lauren Pedersen (Matt) of Ankeny, IA, two nephews, and an extended family of relations and friends from every walk of life. She is the granddaughter of J. Harold and Mildred Smith of Harrisonville, MO. Allison was born in Harrisonville, MO, and graduated from Pembroke Hill School in Kansas City. She earned a BA in environmental policy at Dartmouth, where she was on the varsity cross country and track teams and an enthusiastic member of the Dartmouth Outing Club. She also earned an MS in environmental law at Vermont Law School and would soon have completed an MBA at Babson College. An accomplished marathoner and triathlete, Allison loved the outdoors and was also an avid hiker, biker and swimmer. She completed the Boston Marathon in 2011, qualifying for the New York Marathon. She was a devoted friend who lit up the lives of others with her warmth, caring and infectious energy. Allison worked as an Analyst with the New England States Committee on Electricity (NESCOE). Before joining NESCOE, she worked at Synapse Energy Economics and Anbaric Transmission. At NESCOE, which represents the collective interests of the six New England states, Allison focused on forward-looking clean energy issues like solar power. She cared deeply about the long term climate implications of our energy choices and had a unique ability to help people understand such a complicated subject. Her colleagues will remember her intelligence and the good cheer she brought to her work. When there was unbridled laughter around a conference room table, it was usually Allison’s doing. 





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