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Climate One from The Commonwealth Club is the premier platform for the conversation about the climate emergency. Through our podcast, national radio show and live convenings for thought leaders and concerned members of the public, we create opportunities for dialogue and inspire a more complete understanding of the current crisis.

Total Climate Ride Grant: $803,135

From Climate One

“Cycling is more than just a way to get around. It’s a powerful tool that can promote a healthier planet, while also serving as a source of joy for individual riders. At Climate One, we are proud to share Climate Ride’s commitment to protecting the health of the planet. Their support of our program has been invaluable in driving the climate conversation forward, and we are deeply grateful for their partnership. We also want to thank the riders, whose dedication and passion inspire us all. We are honored to have them on our team.” Wency Shaida, Development Manager


Weekly Podcast | In our weekly podcast and public radio program, Climate One from The Commonwealth Club engages advocates, influencers and policymakers in empowering conversations that connect all aspects of the climate emergency  the individual and the systemic, the scary and the exciting – to deepen your understanding of the most critical issue of our time.

Live Programming |Moderated by host Greg Dalton, Climate One’s live programs offer opportunities for candid and meaningful discussions with diverse voices, while also offering the opportunity to build connections and community with an engaged audience.

Stephen H. Schneider Award | Since 2011, Climate One has presented the Stephen H. Schneider Award for Outstanding Climate Science Communication, which is an annual award for a prominent climate scientist with an outstanding record as a communicator and mentor.


  • Weekly reach of 170,000 listeners through podcast and 70 public radio stations
  • Awarded the Friend of the Planet Award by the National Center for Science and Education in 2022 for contributions to promoting climate science education
  • Interviewed more than 1,000 experts working at the intersection of advocacy, policy, science and business.
  • To ensure a variety of perspectives are included in the conversation, we prioritize diversity and inclusivity in our guest list. Currently, we are proud to report 35% of our speakers identify as BIPOC, which is a significant increase from just 18% in 2019. And that 51% of our guests identify as female.

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