Camping or bunk houses
Total Spots:
25 (small trip departure)
Daily Mileages
Registration Fee
Fundraising Commitment
Event Length
4 Days
Total Mileage

Come experience what all the gravel hype is about on virtullay car-free roads through the beautiful forests of West Virginia’s Appalachian Mountains. Our base camp for the long weekend – the Spruce Knob Mountain Center run by the non-profit Experience Learning – is located 3-4 hours west of Washington, DC and is known for its trails and scenic beauty. We’ll spend three days exploring the hidden fire roads of these picturesque, verdant mountains while stopping in to try the local flavors and beverages.

The Spruce Knob Mountain Center is a 400-acre high-elevation nature preserve located in the Potomac Highlands of West Virginia. The Potomac Highlands feature some of the darkest night skies in the Eastern U.S., the highest peak in the state (Spruce Knob), the healthiest streams in the state, extensive Red Spruce, northern hardwood forests, natural springs, and numerous caves. The Center also showcases innovative, sustainable architecture. Their buildings were designed to complement the beauty of the natural landscape while limiting the use of non-renewable resources in construction and maintenance. The two largest buildings of the center are yurts that contain a kitchen, dining area, office space, a library, a classroom, and everyone’s favorite room, the aerie (“bubble”).

During the day, our guides will lead us on bikes and to explore the hidden treasures the Spruce Knob area offers. On this three-day tour, we ride approximately 30-60 miles per day with options.

On this charitable event, all of the biking takes place on gravel roads and trails. This trip is well-suited to road cyclists who can get comfortable on a gravel or mountain bike.  You should train to ride 20-30 miles per day on gravel roads. There are shorter options each day if you choose to ride in the support van. Local guides and our Climate Ride team will take care of all the details, allowing us to ride, connect, and see the area in the most intimate way possible – by bike!

Climate Ride charitable events bring together bright minds, breathtaking routes for all cycling abilities, and an unforgettable combination of passion and purpose. On this trip, we’ll get a first-hand look at the environmental issues affecting the West Virginia and Appalachian Mountains.

Proceeds from this event will support Climate Ride and Experience Learning directly (no beneficiary selection for this event). Experience Learning operates two camp-based programs, and their vision is a world where individuals have the competency and confidence to bring positive change in their own lives, the lives of others, their communities, and the world around them. Their mission is to develop effective community members through beyond-the-classroom, outdoor learning opportunities for children and adults.

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