Are you interested in helping out with one of our events? We’re looking for committed, hard-working folks to help lead the way to a brighter future for our planet by helping lead our events. Perks include working with great folks, flexible plane tickets (we do our best to work with you add some time to either side of the trip if you want to hang out for a bit), and tips, as well as helping do some good for our planet:

Leaders fulfill a range of responsibilities during our events:

  • Luggage/ Logistics Crew: These teams get everything where it needs to go along the ride – luggage, bikes, and people.
  • Food Crew: Fixing up the meals that keep rides going!
  • Merch: Sell cool stuff!
  • Wrencher: Love to make bikes go? We have a job for you! A Climate Ride wrencher needs to be able to roll with a variety of bike related problems on many different kinds of bikes.

Interested? Please take a moment to apply using this form:


Climate Ride Midwest - Cyclist arrive at Chicago Finale
Climate Ride Midwest at Chicago Finale


We are always on the hunt to amplify messages from groups and individuals who are fighting for our planet. We’ve had household names, climate scientists, sports pros, and emerging advocates speak at our events. Have a story you’d like to share on one of our events? Please let us know here: