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Climate Ride Supports 1% for the Planet

Climate Ride’s growing network of 100+ beneficiaries are working hard to find solutions to climate change, sustainability, and transportation issues. 

As Climate Ride grows, we add new events to reach new parts of our country. This allows us to reach new riders and support new local and regional non-profits. You can help Climate Ride continue to grow by donating today to the Annual Fund and Bike Giveaway campaign. This campaign will help Climate Ride improve programs, launch new events, and grant more money to its beneficiaries like 1% for the Planet

Here is what 1% for the planet has to say about their partnership with Climate Ride:

1% for the Planet has been a delighted beneficiary of (and participant in) Climate Ride since 2011 and you can support their work by participating in Climate Ride NYC-DC and Climate Ride Midwest! 

That was the year that our intrepid staffer, Brodie O’Brien, rode what became famous as the “California Storm Ride,” along with a number of other stalwarts who chose to ride on behalf of 1% for the Planet and other lucky nonprofits.  Since then we have had other staff members and 59 individuals pedal in support of our mission and a healthy planet.

Climate Ride funds ($45,000 since 2011, with 2014 funds yet to come) have helped us pursue our mission in so many ways. We’ve used them to;

  • bring more businesses aboard the environmental train and unlocking corporate giving to critical climate and advanced energy initiatives, 
  • build community and momentum between our member businesses and partners,
  • and we have used them to educate consumers about how they can make a contribution to a cleaner, healthier world simply looking for the 1% for the Planet logo when purchasing. 

In 2013 alone, Climate Ride funding helped our network pour an estimated $17 Million into local, regional, and national efforts to address climate change, promote alternative transportation, encourage sustainable agriculture, conserve critical biodiversity habitats, and clean our oceans and fresh water source.

Thank you, Climate Ride, for providing such a mission aligned, inspiring, fun, and rocking way to fundraise for meaningful work 1% for the Planet is incredibly grateful!

*You have the opportunity to support 1% for the Planet and their work or the work of our 100+ beneficiaries by participating in any Climate Ride event. You can also support Climate Ride by donating to our Annual Fund and Bike Giveaway campaign. Click here to donate and see the bike!