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Climate Ride California North Coast 2020 Cancellation

Dear intrepid California Climate Riders, It is with great disappointment that we must cancel the Calfornia Ride. We know you have trained, fundraised, and held great hopes for this wonderful event that brings together our vibrant community. To that end, we do not want you to lose hope. As we mentioned in the previous email, we will transfer every single participant to a later event of your choosing in 2020 or 2021. While cancellations have ramifications for the financial future of Climate Ride and our grants program, we want to rise again even stronger to meet the next challenge. Now is the time to focus on the hard task of fighting the spread of coronavirus and protecting our communities. This begins with protecting your families, loved ones, and neighbors. For us at Climate Ride, you are our loved ones. You’ve been trailblazers––unafraid to confront the environmental crisis and the people who are dead set on destroying our natural resources and the incredible gifts of life our planet provides. Over the past ten years, you and your fellow Climate Riders have reached millions of people and tens of thousands of donors with a message that this existential threat needs our immediate attention and that we have the will to change course. Your outreach and fundraising have had profound ripple effects. I want to acknowledge you for this because it takes bravery to stand up for the planet. In this way, Climate Ride is not just a bike ride, it is a statement about your values and your vision for our future. Rising pandemics are an alarming part of this changing world. When we recover from this, it will be the beginning of a new era. It will be the most important time ever to support the environment and our grants program so that organizations, large and small, can continue to push for the policies, solutions, and political will to protect our planet while building anew. Do not worry about your Climate Ride registration right now. Just know that we are here for you. As we gather more information and determine our event schedule for later this year, we will keep you up to date on your options. The California Ride will be back in 2021––better than ever. With the deepest appreciation, Caeli Quinn,
Executive Director, Climate Ride