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Celebrating 5 years of Marriage with a 4-Day Bike Tour

When you think of a wedding anniversary, you probably think of the traditional gifts, candlelit dinners, or romantic getaways. Not these two riders. Will Van Sant and Hannah Bird signed up to ride in California Wine Country with Climate Ride to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary!

Here is their story:

On May 16th, 5 years ago, Hannah Bird and I (Will Van Sant) got married. We decided to celebrate our honeymoon hiking 70 miles over 3 days in Northern Scotland – at the time I described it as the “honeymoon death march!

Here we are 5 years later, my British wife has moved here to sunny California and we have twin 3-year-olds… time to revive the romance and raise money for a cause we really care about. But how could we rival that cold and wet Scottish slog – thank goodness for Climate Ride! Neither Hannah nor I are particularly fit but her work with the Solar Living Institute (one of the beneficiary organizations) and our dual desire to take action on one of the most important issues of the day spurred us to sign up.

We chose to support the Solar Living Institute and, of course, Climate Ride.  We live in a small community in California and we appreciate that we are raising funds for a small local non-profit.

And so it is, that we will celebrate our 5 year anniversary on Climate Ride by cycling 250 miles. We are really looking forward to it and the training together has in fact already been a great opportunity for us to enjoy time together! Let’s just hope it doesn’t get christened the “anniversary death ride“!