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Category: Forests

Support + Feed
March 22, 2020
Support + Feed is an intersectional nonprofit organization dedicated to creating an equitable, plant-based food system and combating food insecurity and the climate crisis.
Stop Ecocide International
March 4, 2020
Let’s Make Ecocide an International Crime! Stop Ecocide International is the driving force at the heart of the growing global movement towards recognition of “ecocide” (the most severe harm to the environment) as a serious crime at national, regional and international levels. Recognition of ecocide law will create a legal guardrail for the planet, it […]
Amazon Frontlines
March 4, 2018
Amazon Frontlines is battling the climate crisis by securing Indigenous Guardianship of the Amazon rainforest. We build power with Indigenous peoples to form a bulwark of resistance throughout the Upper Amazon, working together deep in the forest, in our organizing center in northeastern Ecuador, and in the halls of power around the world. Founded in […]