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Black Girls Do Bike NYC

MISSION: Our interest is in introducing the joy of cycling to urban women and girls of color who often do not have access to green spaces. Our aim is to make women feel comfortable riding in New York City, so that they can decrease their reliance on cars, ride-shares, and mass transit by using bikes as a green alternative. Black Girls Do Bike – NY is a diverse group of women who believe that any and all bikes are great. We train women to be competent in basic riding, group riding, and mechanical skills. We create and lead rides all season long from the beginner “Short and Sassy” level (5-10 miles) to the advanced “Go Big or Go Home” level (60-100+ miles). Our fully volunteer organization partnered as mechanics for New York City’s car-free Summer Streets and the 5-boro Bike Ride.
“The Environment Justice Action grant will enable us to formally train some of our members as licensed cycling instructors (LCIs), allowing us to expand our urban cycling skills workshops and rides into more communities. Additionally, the grant will help us to provide off-season training during the winter – including cycling specific yoga and cycling specific strength training – to keep riders engaged, healthy, and ready for their next car-free spring. Lastly, the grant will begin to help us pilot our next phase – moving our urban cyclists into green space to ride on trails and gravel. There are very, very few Black woman and woman of color in gravel riding despite its growing popularity. We want to introduce more of these women to riding outside the city to allow them to have a greater access to green space and appreciation for its importance. The funds will begin to support travel, equipment, and entry fees to gravel rides and races to those for whom the costs would be prohibitive.” -Lisa Gillespie, Leader/Shero
Learn more > Connect and get involved with their work: On Instagram @black_girls_do_bike_nyc On Facebook See other Environmental Justice Action Grantees here.